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 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
 -  - Used machine - MachinePoint

Used POLYCELL of 2011 for sale

Foam extrusion line POLYCELL, We guarantee that the buying process for used machinery through MachinePoint is safe and professional.

Data Sheet of Used POLYCELL

Ref. : 300037551

Year: 2011


Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Other Specifications:

LI. Solid Sheet Extrusion line

1 . 1.1 . Blender
1.1.2. Special Extruder
1.1.3. Solid Sheet Forming Line
1.1.4. Extrusion Die Unit
1.2. Sheet Foaming line
1.2.I. Heating (Foaming) oven
1.2.2. Cooling roller
1.2.3. Air Cooling part
1.3. Pulling& Winding System
1.3.1. Solid Sheet Winding Station
1.3.2. Solid Sheet Un-Winding Station
1.3.3. Taking up roller
1.3.4. Guiding roller part
1.3.5. Pulling Station
1.3.6. Winding Station tor Sheet
1.4. Auxiliary Machinery
1.4.1. Trimmed Edge Recovery Systenm
1.4.2. Hopper & Hopper Loader
1.5. Converting Machinery
5.5.1. Tube Forming line (small size)
5.5.2. Tube Forming Line (big size)
5,5.3, Film laminating Machine
S,5.4, Sheet Laminating Machine

Automatic control system

Solid Sheet Extrusion line


Using the industrial standard communication pxotocols, our folly integrated control system are
extremely reliable, easy to handle and allow complete line operation
Cost efficiency solution for state-of-the-art processes at medium throughput rates of up to 160 kg/h
sturdy and proven machine design
precise processing temperature control for optimum product quality

Heavy duty full length steel weldment. stress relieved and precision machined for accurate
alignment and support of gear box, thrust system and barrel. Barrel support permits thermal


SACM I alloy steel and internai surface is nitriding treated and honcing finished centrifugally
cast bimetallic liner. Barrel is drilled and tapped for thermocouples, pressure transducer, two
injection thermocouples, pressure transducer two injection valves and rupture disc. Feed section
constructed of machined ductile iron

SCREW 160 mm LD 26:1
SACM 645 alloy steel with chromium and molybdenium after nitriding treated
Fabricated from stress relieved alloy steel.
Flame hardened flights
Cored through feed section
Surface buffed

Heating & Cooling zone
1-11 zone heavy aluminium castings with heating elements wired


Non Step variable Gear Box
Single heavy duty helical gear train with hardened and ground gears

- Housing is constructed of machined cast iron with integrnl thrust bearing
All bearings are lubricated using a positive splash system
- Gear box is directly coupled to drive motor shalt
Oil Lubrication system

Main motor
- Drive motor with 110 kw(145HP)
Closed thermostat
Blower and filter

two 163mm diameter rolls of take up unit are installed rigid machine steel side plate
- 2 Hp geared motor of take up unit is controlled by Inverter system
- 5 Hp geared driving motor is controlled by Inverter system
- 2 Hp blower is installed

1.2. Sheet Foaming line
2.2.1. Heating (Foaming) Oven
- I is consist of 2 different process, cross-linking zone and foaming zone
Trough these processes, the final product has the properties of thickness and characteristics
Hot blast supplying is controlled by an automatic thermostat and mesh-belt continuous
transporting solid to heating oven.
Heavy construction and ball bearing hinges
- High capacity direct drive blowers
Rattle proof adjustable ductwork
- Air flow pressure switches on all blowers
- Heavy gauge construction with aluminized interior
- Microprocessor based temperature controller
- Fully adjustable ductwork to provide even airflow throughout the entire work oven
Automatic temperature controller by PID (Proportional Integral Difterential ) methodl
between 0-600℃ with 4 temperature point


Cross linking zone: 350 000 kcal/h
Foaming zone: 250 000 kcal/h

CAPACITY Heat exchanger

Cross linking zone: 250 000 kcal/h
Foaming zone: 350 000 kcal/h

CAPACITY Circulation fan and motor

Cross linking zone: 550m3/min
Foaming zone: 550m3/min

Energy source: LPG, DIesel, Natural gas

- This line consists of 2 different process for small size (30-100mm diameter and big size (50-250mm) respectively
This line is included automatic cutting device for small and big size pipe cover respectively

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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