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Looking for a used Mono extrusion lines? Visit us to see our selection for sale!. Mono extrusion lines Kween B, Jin Chang Plastic, Cmg, Tecom, Mam, Alpha Marathon, Reifenhauser, Kang Chyau Yda 1F, Dolci, Lung Meng, Chyi Yang Industrial, Kuhne, Venus, Carnevalli, Kmt, Kiefel
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Film thickness range min.-max.: 0,006-0,020 Fixed Die Head Gusseting device: Yes Fixed Haul Off Corona treatment: Yes Max. reel diameter: 500 мм PLC i...

HDPE 600 mm2000


Thickness range: 0,012 - 0,150 Rotating Die Head Gusseting device: Yes Fixed Haul Off Web guide: straight edge Corona treatment: Yes Max. reel diamet...

HDPE 1000 mm2001


Film thickness: 0.005-0.4mm Screw & barrel: 45mm, l/d = 30/1, sacm645 Barrel thermo control: 2 zones Cooling blow motor: 2 set Main motor: 20hp Gear b...

HDPE 700 mm2020

CMG - 40 mm - 30 L/D

Screw: 40 mm - 30 L/D Motor: 27 Kw Manual screen changer Dynisco melt temperature and pression control Rotating head: die 50 mm Double lip air ring ...

LDPE 450 mm2000

TECOM - E50 30S

Film width min. 300 mm Dosing unit - 2 components Screw diam. 50 mm Fixed die head diam. 120 and 150 mm Rotating take- off Single rewinder for reel d...

LDPE 900 mm1980

CMG - HTM-DW 1200

Screw length: 1600 L/D 29 Thickness range: 9-120 my Fixed die head : diam. 250 mm Gap : 2,35 mm Air ring: manual Dosing system: gravimetric Calibrat...

LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE 1180 mm1995

MAM - ES/KB/70

Minimum thickness 7 my Maximum thickness 50 my Rotating die head Die plates: 150/180/220/240 mm Gap: 1,3 Rewinder: max. diam 1000 mm Corona treatment:...

HDPE 1500 mm1992


Film width : 400mm - 1000mm Thickness : 25micr - 130micr Output extruder : 75 - 120kg/h Gravimetric dosing system / 5 components 5 TSM vacuum loaders,...

LLDPE / LDPE 1000 mm1996

REIFENHAUSER - RT – 681-1-70-30-D

Dosing system : Moretto LT25 C/60 Number of components: 5 Heating zones: 11 Heating power: heater bands Driving system: invertec drives 132kw 400v...

MDPE,LDPE 1700 mm1999

REIFENHAUSER - RT-801-1-90-30

Screw L/D 30 Rotating die 400 mm with IBC Dual lip air ring Thickness 20-150 my Gravimetric dosing unit 6 components Motorized calibrations basket Aut...

LDPE, LLDPE 1600 mm1998


Manual cartridge filter changer Single layer rotary head, mouthpiece 80mm and 200mm Basket 1000 mm Haul off 1000 mm Back to back winder 1000 mm Acti...

LDPE , MDPE, HDPE 1000 mm2014


Minimum thickness 25 my Maximum thickness 100 my Rotating die head Rewinder: single, max. diam 1000 mm Dosing system: Fellner+Ziegler PVS 310 Corona ...

LDPE 1000 mm1995

MAM - ESKB 635

Dosing system : Maguire 940LC Number of components: 4 Fixed die head Diameter of the die head: 170mm approx Diameter of the gap: 147mm approx IBC ...

MDPE, HDPE 1400 mm1999

TECOM - EK 50-25 D

Minimum thickness 15 my Maximum thickness 300 my Fixed die head Die plates: 180 mm Rewinder: max. diam 1300 mm Corona treatment Rotating haul off...

LDPE 1200 mm1994


Thickness range:20-150 micron Capacity (Kg/h) 90Kg/h at 50 micron Dosing system - Vacuum pump x1 Rotary die head Die diameter 160mm Gap 1.8 IBC no Dou...

LDPE, LLDPE 1350 mm2006


Screw L/D: 28:1 Film width (Min.): 250 mm Thickness range: 8 - 40 my Die head: fixed Die plate: 50 mm IBC system: No Air ring type: single-circuit Thi...

HDPE 520 mm2006

MAM - ESKB 635

Dosing system : Maguire 83137LC Number of components: 4 Heating zones: 7 Driving system: DC drives Power: 112kw Melt pressure Indicator Fixed die ...

MDPE,LDPE 1520 mm1999

KUHNE - KFB 60/1600 COMBI K60R 240

Minimum thickness 8 my Maximum thickness 100 my Dosing system: Octogon; 1 component Rotating die head Gap: 1,6 Rewinder: max. diam 800 mm Corona treat...

LDPE, HDPE 1400 mm1998

VENUS - VN AS 50 A-750

Extruder 50; L/D 28:1 Fillm width from 250 to 700 mm Thicknesses 8-80 my Fixed die head with die plates 70 and 100 mm Air Ring type: Air blower invert...

HDPE 700 mm2001SOLD

TECOM - EK 65” L/D

Thickness range: HDPE: 7 – 40my LDPE: 20 – 180 my Rotating die head Die plates: 150/220/340 mm Gap: 1,3 (150/220/340) and 2,4/150 Rewinder: max. diam ...

LDPE, HDPE 1600 mm1994SOLD


Thickness of film produced from 0,004 to 0,8mm depending on kind of material Max film width with gusset 600mm Max film width without gusset 350mm Tak...

LDPE/HDPE 600 mm2004SOLD


Film thickness 8÷200 micron. Take-up rollers double 1200mm Maximum width of film without gusseting 1100mm Maximum width of film with gusseting 1500m...

LDPE 1100 mm2006SOLD


LDPE: 20 to 200 µm. Sleeve 400mm-1200mm HDPE: 9 to 20 µm. Sleeve 800mm-1200mm Extruder Driven by 40C.v. variable speed AC motor. Helical gear reduce...

HDPE LDPE 1200 mm2000SOLD

KMT - KM-LD70S1400

New screw installed The screw is a 3 zone screw, barrier and mixing section with maddock. Film width: 320mm-1300mm Thickness range: 25μm-150μm Do...

LDPE, EVA and blend with HDPE 1300 mm2008SOLD


New screw installed. 2019 Motor replaced in 2012. Thickness range LDPE: 15μm-100μm Thickness range HDPE: 10μm-60μm L/D ratio: 24 Fixed head diam 200m...

HDPE,LDPE 1500 mm1997SOLD
KWEEN B MB 40 - MachinePoint

KWEEN B MB 40 - 2000

Film thickness range min.-max.: 0,006-0,020
Fixed Die Head
Gusseting device: Yes
Fixed Haul Off
Corona treatment: Yes
Max. reel diameter: 500 мм
PLC interface language: English
Screws were replaced
Second identical line is available at the same price.


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