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Used Digital printing machines: SPGPRINTS DSI 5330L of 2011

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Digital printing machines - SPGPRINTS - DSI 5330L

Data Sheet of Used SPGPRINTS DSI 5330L

Ref. : 300037809


Year: 2011

Other Specifications:

SPGPrints consisting of :

Unwind unit
Corona and web cleaner
In feed and nip rollers
5 color ( white, cmyk) (max. 10 print stations)
Operating panel print stations
Cooling roller including nip rollers
UV lamp final cure
UV lamps UV partial curing

Printing speed : 3-35m/min
Printing width : 330mm
Max substrate width : 330mm
Ink : exclusively SPGPrints ink is allowed
Cooling medium : water + additive
Operating temp : from 10 to 30º

ABG Omega Digicon series 2 consisting of:

Infeed nip unit
FlexoPrinting unit
Type semi rotary
Cartridge type : ink duct
Anilox screen : 450lines per inch x 6.5cm3/m2
Doctor blade : 15mm x 0.15mm (0.006") carbon steel
Die cut unit
Die cut cylinder repeat : 482.60mm (19")
Die Cut repeat range : 50mm (2") - 457mm (18")
GEW UV drying
Centre dancer
Outfeed nip unit
Rewind unit
Knfibox-Scissor slitting

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