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Used Letterpresses: GALLUS T250 of 1994

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Letterpresses - GALLUS - T250

Data Sheet of Used GALLUS T250

Ref. : 300038252


Year: 1994

Other Specifications:

Module-specific features :

Unwinder module :
Max reel diameter: 1000mm
Sleeve Diameter: 3

Printer group module :
Plate : BASF F80
Nominal thickness, printing cylinder: 0.94mm
Nominal thickness, counterpressure cylinder: 1.00mm

Cylinder embossing module :
Embossing tool height: 7mm

Flat cutting module :
Height of the cutting die: 12mm

Winding module :
Max. waste reel diameter: 500mm
Max rewinder roll diameter: 500mm
Sleeve Diameter: 3
Max number of circular knives: 10

Max printing width: 250 mm
Drying system: UV
Automatic register

Min-max material width : 120-270mm
Max. material processing width (printing, embossing and cutting width) : 5".
Min. embossing length : 1/8".
Max length of the format (printing, embossing and cutting) : 10".
Max. production rate (printing, cutting, feed) : 11.000 l/h - with embossing : 8000l/h

Maximum installed power :
Machine: 34.4 KW
UV Drying : 22.4 KW

6 Cylinders and 6 anilox rollers included.

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