Used HANYOUNG of 2001 for sale

2001 | Ref.: 300039895

Extrusion lines for coating HANYOUNG, MachinePoint chooses the best machinery on sale in the market and we offer our clients a selection of high quality machinery.

Data Sheet of Used HANYOUNG

Ref.: 300039895

Year: 2001


For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

    Other Specifications:

    TANDEM extrusion coating line with 2 separate extruders
    Fully automatic operation
    Automatic splicing for rewinder/unwinder
    2 coronas
    - Paper up to 150gsm,
    - Film PP, PET, BOPP, PVC up to 250mic
    Coating material : All polymers
    Speed: 250m/min
    Used occasionally the last 7 years
    Excellent condition
    European electronics

    The machine has produced :
    PET + PE
    PET + PE + ALU + PE
    PAPER + PE
    PAPER + PE + ALU + PE

    Details :

    Web width max.: 1500mm
    Heating source for drying : Steam

    type : Double shaft
    Automatic splicer
    Diam. Max.: 1000mm
    Core diam. : 76mm (3 inches) ,150mm (6 inches) with adaptors
    Control tension type : Automatic

    Auxiliary unwinder
    type : Double
    Diam. Max. :550mm
    Core diam. :76mm (3 inches) ,150mm (6 inches) with adaptors
    Control tension type :Automatic

    Screw diam :90
    Output capacity (Kg/h) : 140Kg/h

    T- Die: 1500mm
    Maker : HANYOUNG
    Die opening : Yes
    Die gap range : 5mic to 35mic
    Available coating thickness: 5mic to 35mic

    type : Double
    Automatic splicer
    Diam. Max. : 1000mm
    Core diam. :76mm (3 inches) ,150mm (6 inches) with adaptors
    Control tension type: Automatic

    The machine does paper coating from 30gsm up to 400gsm.
    Also it can coat films from 12mic up to 250mic.

    Other Details:

    Guarantee: Without guarantee

    Current condition: Disconnected. Can't be seen in running condition

    Availability: Immediate

    Voltage: 400 V Triphase
    Frequency: 50 Hz
    Voltage: 385 Kw

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    Extrusion lines for coating - HANYOUNG - - Ref.300039895

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