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Used LEMO INTERmat ST-N 850 of 2018 for sale

Side weld bag making machine LEMO, We guarantee that the buying process for used machinery through MachinePoint is safe and professional.

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Data Sheet of Used LEMO INTERmat ST-N 850

Ref. : 300041821

Year: 2018

Brand: LEMO

Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Welding Width: 850 mm

Bag Length (Max): 650 mm

Bag Length (Min): 170 mm

Cycles Per Minute: 180 U/min

Film Speed: 85 m/min


Number Of Lanes: 1

Other Specifications:

High-performance production line for the manufacture of side sealed bags with drawstring closure (with and without knotters). With Double drawstring system with holder

Equipped with:
Servo drive technology with up to 10 servo motors depending on machine orientation COMPUTRONIC function control
Main operation via touch screen Recipe management
Auxiliary equipment with interface for recipe management (device pre-positioning) in film direction
Motorised adjustable blow-off air at the wicketer during production

Technical data:
Usable welding and separating width: max. 850 mm, depending
Bag widths (feed length): 85 - 440 mm
Bag height top all: 170- 650 mm
head height max. 140 mm
Number of cycles (mechanical design, without film): max. 180 cycles/min (w. knotter)
max. 275 cycles/min (without knotter)

Effective capacity: 150 cycles for bags up to 350 mm feed with knotter
200 cycles for bags up to 350 mm feed without knotter

Equipment consisting of:

1 FAU-SL 1600/1200
Shaftless film unwinding
Unwinding width: min. 400 mm
max. 1600 mm
Film roll-0: max. 1200 mm
pick-up height upper floor: 200 mm
Shaftless roller support
Roll holder for core inside diameter 74 - 76 mm (2.9" - 3.0")
Ultrasonic sensing head for web edge control
Electronically controlled web shifting (BST)
by max. +/- 5 mm during automatic operation

1 adapter for inner diameter 6.0".

1 FA-FKL 1600 Foil clamping unit

1 TK-BM Web centre control

1 FSS 1600 Film oscillator unit for web tension and speed control

1 USK-FS is designed in such a way that the Cover flap device also STN-to form an envelope gauntlet bag Cover flap depth: max. 50 mm can be produced.

1 FD 1600 folding triangle for the production of a half tube, Infeed width of the flat film web: max. 1600 mm

2 FD-SKO Punching unit on the FD (folding triangle) for punching ventilation holes into the running film track

1 LP long perforation device for making a removal perforation in the bottom fold or perforation seam underneath the point blocking

1 LS-BF Long-cutting device

1 cord feed system

Pneumatic two-hole punch

1 BF 850.1 - intermittent bottom gusset insertion device for one-sided insertion of a bottom fold bottom fold depth: 20 - 65 mm

1 LSR-GB 850.1

1 INTERmat ST-N 850
Cycle sweater with single-lane print repeat control
Usable welding and separating width: max. 850 mm

1 TS 850 Separating Welding device for producing a side sealed

1 knotter system For the production of drawstring bags without side cut-out
consisting of:
Double knotter with holder
Suction device
4x knotter as "spare part
400x thread grading plates as "

HD-PE 2 x 18 - 30 pm**
LD-PE 2 x 25 - 60 pm**
LLD-PE 2 x 25 - 60 pm**
PP 2 x 25 - 60 pm**
** required welding bar

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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