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Použitý Stroj KOPACK 250/004 1996 na prodej

Knihtisk KOPACK

Během vypuknutí koronaviru zůstáváme plně funkční.

Záznamový List Použitý Stroj KOPACK 250/004

Ref. : 300042026

Rok: 1996

Značka: KOPACK

postavení: Na prodej

Technické Specifikace :

Počet barev: 12

Šířka tisku: 254 mm

Tisku Repeat (Min): 203.2 mm

Tisku Repeat (Max): 460.375 mm

Ostatní Specifikace:


A) Basic press for 260mm web width

1- Basic press, heavy duty construction, 311/2" (800mm) unwind, rewind and unwind / rewind stations,
3" (76mm) air expansion type core locking mandrel and dancer roller system for automatic compensating tension control. There are three shafts fitted; one unwind, one rewind and one unwind/rewind.
1- 39.37" (1000mm) diameter central impression drum with gear driven nip roller to maintain pin-point register.
1- Automatic web tension control.
2- Automatic press stops on empty paper supply.
2- Angled (30 degrees) splicing assemblies including integral splicing guides with tape dispenser.
2- Automatic web guiding systems.
1- Automatic register control system — CUTOFF print to print.
1- Automatic register control system — CUTOFF print to rotary no 2. 1- Automatic register control system — CUTOFF print to rotary no 3.

1- Automatic register control system - CUTOFF print to F/B.
1- 311/2" (800mm) diameter waste matrix rewinder with constant tension control, 3" (76mm) waste rewind pneumatic shaft, including pressure roller and sensing arm.
1- Back slitting station with two sets of cutters.
1- Six digit batch counter for individual label counting, totalising stored in involatile memory, with scanning sensor. Metric / footage counter.
1-Special crossover station for piggyback label production from one reel of self adhesive laminate.
2-Web folding stations located between the central impression drum and the stack unit for producing formlabel / booklet labels.
1- Overlaminating station.
1- Delamination kit.
1- Belt stacker.
1- Hotmelt adhesive application station for ribbon coating.
1- 11 kW DC main motor (Reliance Electric Company) and electric control cabinet.

B) Printing Stations

6- Rotary letterpress printing stations around the central impression drum complete with an automatic wash-up unit on each station for cleaning rollers and pre-inking. Each printing station movement is motorised.
6- Rotary letterpress printing stations on the stack unit.
-Maximum printing width: 254mm
-Maximum printing repeat length: 18 1/8"

- Minimum printing repeat length: 8"
- Lateral and linear running register adjustment plus or minus 1/8" (3mm) located on each printing station.
- Gear 1/8 CP with 20 degrees pressure angle.
Designed to accept typical photopolymer plates such as BASF "Nyloprint", and Japanese water washable plates TORAY "Torelief', and TOYOBO "Printight".

C) Flat Bed Die Cutting Station

1- Flat bed die cutting station
-Maximum die cutting speed: 500 stokes per minute
-Steel rule die height: 12mm
- Maximum die cutting width: 258mm
-Maximum die cutting repeat length: 8 1/8"
-Minimum die cutting repeat length: 3 1/4"
-Print to die cutting ratio: 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4
-Maximum steel rule die length: 3.9m when utilising evenly maximum die cutting area.

D) Rotary Die Stations

3- Rotary die stations, 1 European in position number 2 and 2 American in position numbers 1 and 3.
-Maximum die cutting speed: European : 100m/min ; American : 100m/min
-Maximum die cutting width: European : 250mm ; American : 260mm
-Maximum die cutting repeat length: European : 460.37mm ; American : 355.60mm
-Minimum die cutting repeat length: European : 203.20mm ; American : 171.45mm

E) UV Curing System

1- UV Curing system consisting of eight 2kW units, three 4kW units, and one 7kW unit, all air cooled, fast, pollution free, high pressure mercury vapour lamps and electric control power units. Lamps are located after each printing station

Included :
Magnetic die-cut cylinders: 8,5”, 9”, 10”, 11 5/8”, 12”,14” and 17”. There are 2 on some of the formats, but some of them are little worn.
Perforation cylinders: 10”, 11 5/8” and 12”
Print cylinder: 9”, 10”, 11 5/8”, 12”, 14” and 17”. There are 12 of each format. Also one sleeve for varnish and sleeve printing cylinders that are good for silicon varnish.

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