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Használt SML Minicast Ecocompact 2017 eladása

Stretch fólia extrudáló sor SML

Adatlap: használt SML Minicast Ecocompact

Ref . : 300042028

Év: 2017

márka: SML

Állapot: Eladó

Műszaki Adatok:

Layers no.: 5

Web szélesség: 1500 mm

Egyéb adatok:

Mechanical speed max. 650 m/min
Range of film thickness for stretch wrap film 8 - 35 µm
Final film width max. 3 x 500 mm, 3 x 400 mm, 3 x 450 mm
Layer distribution for stretch wrap film B / A / D / A / C
Cooling water. Necessary cooling capacity approx. 438 kW (376.000 kcal/h 12/17 °C)

Control unit SML - Betriebssystem
Material feeding and dosing by SYNCRO
Each extruder has a gravimetric dosing unit with 3 components
Extruder A with manual screen changer type SML - ES - 90/33
Screw diameter 90 mm
Extruder output LLDPE max. 800 kg/h
AC – maindrive 270 kW
Extruder B with manual screen changer Type SML - ES - 60/28
Screw diameter 60 mm
Extruder output LLDPE max. 200 kg/h
AC – maindrive 60 kW
Extruder C with manual screen changer Type SML - ES - 60/28
Screw diameter 60 mm
Extruder output LLDPE max. 200 kg/h
AC – maindrive 60 kW
Extruder D with manual screen changer Type SML - ES - 60/28
Screw diameter 60 mm
Extruder output LLDPE max. 200 kg/h
AC – maindrive 60 kW

Feedblock and flat die
5 layer feedblock by CLOEREN
Flat die by CLOEREN
Vacuumbox Type Bivac (Bi-vacuum) box width 2000 mm ,assembled at the flat die
Electrostatic / pneumatic edge pinning device assembled at flat die by ELTEX
2 Charging electrode 2 (with 3 fingers each)
High voltage transformer (max. 30 kV)
2 Device for the positioning of the electrodes
2 Pneumatic edge pinning devices

Cooling and take-off unit Type SML - CS/2100/650
Cooling roller C1 width 2100 mm diameter 1200 mm, roller surface electrically dulled
Cleaning roller width 2100 mm diameter 180 mm, roller surface rubberized
Drives cooling roller C1 AC-Servomotor
Longitudinal adjustment on rails by AC – motor ,moveable distance 950 mm
Vertical adjustment mechanical adjustment, moveable distance 105 mm
Roller temperature control
Connection to external cooling water circuit

Thickness measuring by SYNCRO to control the automatic die
Measuring frame
Thickness optical sensor for measuring thickness
Operator panel with monitor

Edge trim suction and refeed by TRIA
Suction calculated for line speed max. 650 m/min , film thickness 8 - 35 µm
2 Suction pipes for edge trim before winder (edge strip width max. 100 mm)
2 Suction pipes for part bobbin cut winder (strip width max. 20 mm)
Vertical scraptruder for extruder A 90 mm
Refeeding rate of extruder output 250 kg/h (indicated for a film thickness of 18 µm)
Antistatic pipe Lenght 1000 mm with Power supply unit for max. 5 antistatic pipes

Oscillating frame Type SML-OF/2100
Width 2100 mm
Oscillating distance +/- 50 mm
Oscillating time adjustable in seconds
2 Guide rollers

Winder Type W4000/4S1T/Stretch/2100/3“/3up/650
Final film width 3 x 500 mm, 3 x 450 mm and 3 x 400 mm
Mechanical speed max. 650 m/min
Winding diameter with 2" and 3" winding cores max. 400 mm min. 82 mm
Turn-over unit
4 winding shafts
Change time with core magazine 3 inch: 20 s
Cutting unit for edge trim and part bobbin cut
Main frame with web tension measuring roller, contact roller and turn-over unit
Cross-cutting unit
Control unit SML - Betriebssystem

Rated voltage 3 x 400 / 230 V Frequency 50 Hz
Installed capacity: Coextrusion castfilm line 1030 kW
Fuse protection : coextrusion castfilm line 1250 A, container illumination 20 A

Without chiller and air compressor

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Voltage: 230 V
, Voltage: 400 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 1030 Kw

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