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Used Label Screen Printing machines: ORTHOTEC SRN 3030 of 2013

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Label Screen Printing machines - ORTHOTEC - SRN 3030

Data Sheet of Used ORTHOTEC SRN 3030

Ref. : 300042117


Year: 2013

Other Specifications:

Machine for flat screen printing SRN 3030 (hereinafter Equipment)

Technical specifications:

Printed materials:
Selfadhesive paper with liner;
Selfadhesive polypropylene with liner;
Selfadhesive polyethylene with liner;

Material width, mm: 120-330;
Material thickness,mm: 0.05-0.25
Max. screen printing area, mm: 300x300;
Max. screen frame dimensions, mm: 680x540;
Max. mechanical speed*, cycles/h:
Screen printing - 6000
Real working speed depend from materials, design, and skills of the operator etc
Second pass facility (sensor) – brand name PEPPERL+FUCHS (Germany);
Print register tolerance, mm: +/- 0,15;
Second passage print register, mm: +/- 0,15;

Reel unwinder Ø 600 mm with mechanical brake.
Ø 76 mechanical shaft;
Box with sensor for transparent and opaque materials on the unwinder;
Unwinder max. reel weight – 85 kg;
Reel end sensor;
Web splicing table with mechanical Pressing Bar.

Screen Printing Unit
Vacuum table for web holding at in-feed

1 pc. Screen printing stations with mechanical squeege adjustment;
1 pc. UV driers, UV-Lights brand name, with 2 lamps after each printing station. Each UV lamp is 6.4 KW.
8 steps of power strength adjustment at UV dryer

Reel winder R7 with waste rewinder function
Box with sensor for transparent and opaque materials;

1 waste rewind shafts, max Ø 300 mm;
Ø 76 mm mechanical rewinding shaft for waste rewind;
One product rewind shafts, max Ø 600 mm of
Ø 76 mm pneumatic rewinding shaft;
Rewinder max. reel weight 50kg;

Additional items:
UV control cabinet
Electric control cabinet
“Touch screen” control panel in English

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