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Used Cup printing machines: POLYTYPE BDM-682 of 2017

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Cup printing machines - POLYTYPE - BDM-682

Data Sheet of Used POLYTYPE BDM-682

Ref.: 300044463


Year: 2017

Other Specifications:

Machine is producing PET cups and the factory where machine is located is controlled under strict food safety regulations so hygiene and safety production process is top priority as the products make direct contact with food.
So the machines are well maintained and installed where the temperature and the humidity is controlled at all times at a constant level which suits best for the machine.

Standard cup infeed and discharge automation (Standard layout)

Inking/Printing unit Model DW-C92-160
-separate Servo-drive for printing unit chrome plated offset cylinder with 6 printing sections, for placing the
rubber blankets with adhesive tape
-electronic switch from 6 blanket to 3 blanket mode
-No cup - no print system, pneumatically loaded for consistent pressure
Each unit opens horizontally a full 90 degrees for easy access to rollers & plate cylinder

Automatic central lubrication for all inking units controlled over the PLC
Wash up system - semiautomatic
Turret head drive & indexing with Torque Motor
Servo-drive screw loader
Mandrel drive for pre-treatment station
Separate mandrel servo-drive for print station
Quality Control/Reject station
Belt Take-off unit
Safety Devices according to Standard CE-Norm
Corona pre treatment at position 12 o'clock (3 kW)
UV Curing System at position 6 o'clock, UVITERNO system type EVO, 9kW, 600 W/cm, 1525 W/inch
Infeed Elevator, with electric pusher above 2,1 m wide
Discharge Automation
Accessories included
Chiller system, for the cooling water preparation (air/water)
Printing plate punch (punching by one step, with 30 x magnification)

General technical characteristics: BDM-682:

Dia. of printing plate cylinder: 200mm
Max. print height (depends on UV lamp length):145mm
Max. print length with standard plate cylinder: 502mm
Number of blanket (electronically switchable): 6 / 3 sections (6/3 blanket mode depends on cup size and production speed)
Max. stack length: Infeed up to 2100 mm / Discharge up to 800
Min./Max. taper: 2 - 15degrees
Printing rubber roll thickness (+/- 0,02 mm): 2 x 1,9mm
Double sided adhesive tape (+/- 0,02 mm): 2 x 0,3mm
Printing plate thickness: 0.73 mm
Max. production speed (depending on cup size, shape, stack height, stack length, materials, quality and print design) up to 650 cups/min
Air treatment unit 33% rel. at 20°C
Permissible humidity 20 micron abs. / oil-free
Water connection: (with chiller air/water no needed)
Water temperature (for cooling of the ink unit) 25°C+/- 3°C /3 -5 bar
Exhaust (dia. of pipe 140 mm) height 2620mm 1600 m3/h 30°C

Electric . load: 38 KVA
Electrical power: 3 x 380 V / 60 Hz
Transformer from 3x380 V / 60 Hz to 3x440 V / 60 Hz will be provided. So machine can work with 50 or 60 Hz

Earliest pick up at the end of 2022