Used KIEFEL KMD 78 SPEED of 2017 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used KIEFEL KMD 78 SPEED

Ref. : 300045029

Year: 2017


Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:


Forming Area (Vxh): 760 x 540 MM

Depth Of Draw: 150 mm

Material Thickness (Min): 0.2 mm

Material Thickness (Max): 2 mm

Number Of Stations: 2

Feeding Systems:Roll fed

Other Specifications:

Film Unwinding Station KA 83
Coil dimension max. - Width 830mm / Ø1200mm
Coil Core Dimension - Ø76mm / 152mm
Unwinding Shaft / Coil Weight max. - Ø70mm / 1000KG
Additional Switch for manual unreeling

Film Pre-Heating Station KVH 110
Film width max. - 1100mm
Film Thickness range - 0.2 to 2.5mm
Reel weight max. (With / Without KA83) - 1000 / 400 KG

Machine Type KMD 78 Speed - Automatic Pressure Forming Machine
Station 1. Forming + Cutting (Combined)
Station 2. Stacking Station
Forming area max. - 760 x 540mm
Forming area min. - 375 x 350mm
Tool dimensions (when block change) - 780 x 560mm (730 x 560mm)
Height of Formed part above or below film level - 150mm
Film width max. (parallel rails) - 810mm
Film Thickness range (depending on stacking system) - 0.2 to 1.8mm
Production Speed max.(depending on stacking system) - 50 cycles / min
Production Speed BFS max.(depending on stacking system) - 45 cycles / min

Forming station force / cutting force (BFS) - 300kN / 600kN
Forming toll weight per table max. - 400kg (700kg complete tool block)
Forming station top / bottom table movement - 170mm

Cutting station force - 600kN
Tool weight bottom table max. 400kg
Tool weight (knife) top table max. - 80kg
Cutting station top / bottom table movement - 170mm

Hole punching station force - 300kN
Tool weight per table max. 400kg (700kg complete tool block)
Punching station top / bottom table movement - 170mm

Up-stacker belt height part removal - approx. 1600mm
Up-stacker stack height up to - 300mm
P&P belt height part removal - approx. 1000mm
P&P slack height up to 400mm
Down-stacker belt height part removal - approx. 1000mm
Down-stacker stack height up to 250mm
Pusher tool weight max. 50kg

Included 8 Moulds : Suitable only for KMD 78 and relevent model (Turkey's, ILLIG - Some models)
a. Packing box 65(Container) (LxWxH) : 188.5 x 141.5 x 65 / 188.5 x 141.5 x 50mm
b. Cup 125 300ML (OD x H) : 125 x 39mm (12 cavities in a a single shot)
c. Cup 150 600ML (OD x H) : 148 x 50mm (12 cavities in a single shot)
d. Lid Cup Ø125mm (12 cavities in a single shot)
e. Lid Cup Ø150mm (12 cavities in a single shot)
f. 9 cav PP Lid 198 x 146mm Container cover
g. Tray 165 x 114 x 34mm (16 cav)
h. Tray 258 x 137 x 33mm (06 cav)

AR-1000 Roller Press Conveying Soundproof (Crusher) from 2017 - Pulian Taiwan
Max. Material Width :1000mm
Max. Material Thickness : 0.05~3mm
Roller Speed : 0-35m/min
Power : 30HP
Rotating Diameter : Ø480mm
Inlet Size : 1000×300mm
R.P.M : 280/380rpm
Rotary Blade : 12pcs(3claws)
Stationary Blade : 3pcs
Blade Material : SKH-2
Machine Weight : 1000kg
Capacity : 400-700 kg/hr
Transfer height 8 mt
Transfer Lenth 15 mt
Velocity Pressure: 500-600mmAQ

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 415 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz
, Frequency: 60 Hz

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