Used ALPINE 4 HXS 50-30D / 1 HXS 75-30D of 2018 for sale

2018 | Ref.: 300045449

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Data Sheet of Used ALPINE 4 HXS 50-30D / 1 HXS 75-30D

Ref.: 300045449

Year: 2018


For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Materials: LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, regenerated
  • Film Width (Max): 1600 mm
  • Output Capacity: 450 kg/h
  • Number Of Extruders: 5
  • Layers: 5
  • Rewind Unit Type: Back to back

Other Specifications:

The line did not process pure HDPE in 5 layers; 1 to 2 layers are possible with LDPE.
For the rest of the materials: LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, regenerated.
Capacity: 400 to 450 kgs of maximum output depending on the width and thickness.
The machine can make shrink film.
The height of the haul off is 16 -17 meters

5 extruders
4 x HXS 50-30D
Screw diameter : 50mm
Screw length: 30 L/D
Heating zones: 5

1 x HXS 75-30D
Screw diameter: 75mm
Screw length: 30 L/D
Heating zones: 5

Magnetic separator

Process control ExVis 4.0
One Touch

Manually operated screen changer, batch operation

FBF 16-40X, Coex 5 layers,
Helical blowing head for 5-layer films, with ABCDE layer composition
Die diameter: 200mm
Die diameter range: 160-400mm
Outside diameter: 660mm
Temperature setting range: 5

EXTERNAL COOLING with height adjustment for cooling the bubble on the outside :
Cooling ring type CR
Fan designed as a radial fan
Frequency converter for speed control
Electrical height adjustment

Die diameter range: up to 400mm
Fan power: 18.5 Kw

AIC VX with BDC bubble adjustment
BDC bubble adjustment unit with :
3 ultrasonic sensors to capture the diameter of the duct
BDC software
Parameter input and monitoring via touch screen of the ExVis process visualization system
Cooling tower type IBC-VX
Incoming air fan with noise damper
Exhaust air fan
Frequency inverter for each fan for speed control
Power of the incoming/outgoing air fan: 11 Kw

8 arms with rollers on ball bearings
5 levels of rollers
Electrical adjustment of diameter and height
Supporting elements for fixing the ultrasonic sensors of the bubble adjustment

Flat width min-max: 530mm-2360mm
Height adjustment range up to 1500mm

Additional basket
8 arms with rollers on ball bearings
2 roller levels
Electric diameter adjustment

Flat width min-max : 520mm-2385mm


PROFILE OPTIMIZATION : Number of adjustment zones: 60

Reversible pulling system, rotating frame.
Maximum flat width: 1600mm
Max. pulling speed : 150 m/min

Lateral folding unit, possible gusset 450mm
Wooden rods in the flattening unit
S-Wrap-1, second cylinder with S-wrap
Temperature control unit

2 web guide BST

Pretreatment Corona AFS

Film winder with two winding and pre-stretching stations, equipped with an electric motor driven roll pressing device.
Contact, contact/central and air gap winding.
Maximum speed: 150m/min
Winding shaft diameter: 3" or 6".
Max reel diameter: 1000mm

Lateral cutting unit in the pre-drawing
Longitudinal cutting unit in the pre-drawing unit
2 Longitudinal cutting units in the winder
3 additional rip knives
2 winding directions right and left
2 Soft-Nip rollers
2 winding shaft handling systems
2 laser positioning of the mandrels
4 steel 3" winding shafts
4 x 6" steel winding shafts

There are arms that tilt to place the reel on the pallet.
There is also an x-arm to position the bar that is waiting on the next reel.

The material feeding is done by robots tshritters, it is not part of the line, it is not for sale.
The line can be fed by rods, tshritters or other robots.

Controlled by screw:
A : 7 dosing units
B : 5 dosing units
C : 7 dosing units
D : 5 dosing units
E : 7 dosing units

1 heat exchanger 55
1 heat exchanger 75

14 deflection cylinders, flat width: 1600mm
1 edge suction at the pre-drawing

Tower not included

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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Coextrusion lines - ALPINE - 4 HXS 50-30D / 1 HXS 75-30D - Ref.300045449

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