Used ILLIG UA 225 g of 2008 for sale

2008 | Ref.: 300045934

Thermoformer ILLIG, You can contact our team and analyze your needs so we can offer you the best possible solution depending on your budget.

Data Sheet of Used ILLIG UA 225 g

Ref.: 300045934

Year: 2008

Brand: ILLIG

For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Forming Area (Vxh): 2200x1200
  • Depth Of Draw: 700 mm
  • Material Thickness (Max): 10 mm
  • Products Type: Container
  • Feeding Systems: Sheet fed
  • Type: Electrical - Hydraulic

Other Specifications:

Only 2640 Working hours

The machine has an automatic changeover function, upper punch with pneumatic drive, mould table with pneumatic drive and position storage.
Electric heating, individual heating pattern is stored, energy-saving mode during work breaks by switching off the vacuum pump and lowering the set temperature of the radiant heaters.

Temperature control connection for top and bottom Under-tension frame (max. 140 °C);
Heating molding machine variants:- 8-position switch
Forming table with pneumatic drive, Forming table speed digital adjustable (7 levels);
Top table
- with pneumatic drive;
- Synchronization device for asymmetrical Burden;
- automatic top table tool clamping
- automatic conversion
- Speed digitally adjustable (7-stage via valve cascade);
- Top table can be used as a demoulding aid
8-way cooling fan
Additional double fan in the front center (1 motor with fan mounted on both sides without nozzle),
Air shower cooling - connection for upper clamping frame;

Include this complete set of Frames. All frames with substructure and base plate. Some with cooling possible valued in approx 40.000 euros
1740 x 700
1960 x 1060
2040 x 735
1270 x 960
860 x 860
2260 x 1070
1720 x 350

Include Upper punching Unit heating system JAKO

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown with material

Availability: Immediate

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Thermoformer - ILLIG - UA 225 g - Ref.300045934

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