Used NGR C:GRAN085-110VSP of 2022 for sale

2022 | Ref.: 300046715

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Data Sheet of Used NGR C:GRAN085-110VSP

Ref.: 300046715

Year: 2022

Brand: NGR

For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Screw Diameter: 85 mm
  • Output Capacity: 500 kg/h
  • Screw L/D Ratio: 21
  • Degassing System: Yes
  • Motor Rating: 90 kW
  • Type Of Die Head: Spaghetti
  • Suitable For Processing (Material): PET,PE
  • Last Material Recycled: PET
  • Suitable Material Form: Film Flakes, Trims
  • Destination Of Product: Sheet
  • · SCREEN CHANGER: BSC160 Back-flushing screen changer
  • Type Of Screen Changer: Automatic

Other Specifications:

Recycling machine for PET (non food grade) and PE

Material Output:

PET / PE printed films (12pm PET + 30pm PE)
Origin:post industrial , Moisture:dry (<1%), Contamination: clean, Surface treatment:

PET Thermoforming flakes, washed post-consumer material with max. 5% residual : 450 -500 kg/h
moisture content : Moisture:< 5 %, Origin: post consumer, Contamination: clean, Surface treatment: none

PET : regrind PET film trims as well as sometimes loose trims, post-industrial origin
Origin:post industrial, Moisture:dry (<50ppm), Contamination: clean, Surface treatment:none

Machine consisting of :

CB06-08 Conveyor belt incl. metal detector
-Length of belt: 6000 mm [236 inches]
-Width of belt: 800 mm [31,5 inches]

A-DUG50 1 component dosing unit for additives (eg masterbatch in form of granules)

DUG-SU Suction conveying system

C-CE Cutter-compactor-extruder combination
C-110 Cutter-compactor C-110 (E085)
Cutter drum diameter: 1100 mm
CD-90 Cutter motor 90 kW
FCC90, Adjustable speed for the cutter drive

V085-21 Modular venting system
The modular venting system is used to achieve additional venting of the melt. lt is consisting of an extension of screw and barrel, a vacuum pump, additional heating zones and a frame.
Technical Data: Screw diameter: 85 mm [3,35 inches] Screw length: 23 LID
Heating capacity: 25 kW

Vacuum pump VP110
Technical data:
-Power: 7.5 kW
-Vacuum capacity: 100 m3/h
-Vacuum pressure: 33 mbar

CWC110 Closed watercircuit on vacuum system
To reduce fresh water requirement for the vacuum pump. The number of exchanges of the cooling water is dependent on the contamination of the processed material

BSC160 Back-flushing screen changer (Year 2017)
Fully automatic back-Flushing screen changer, controlled by meit pressure, for continuous melt Filtration. Screen changing can be done during continuous Operation.
Technical data:
Screen size in operation- 2 x 170 cm2 [2 x 26,35 inches2] Screen diameter: 148,3 mm [5,84 inches]
Screens: 2
Heating capacity: 12 kW
Hydraulic drive: 3 kW

SP-500 Strand-pelletizing system (Year 2015)
Technical data:
- Strand speed: 12 - 60 mimin - Motor of pelletizer: 5.5 kW
- Drive for cooling bath: 0.55 kW - Heating capacity: 7 kW
- Circulation pump: 7.5 kW
Circular saw: 0.55 kW
-13low feeder: 5.5 kW

"Automatik" peletizing system to cut the spaghetti

CS800 Cyclone Silo Combination for pellets

Includes Chiller Frigosystem Corema RPE502*F21P M005 (card needs to be replaced)

Additional Extruderscrew
Technical data:Diameter: 85 mm [3.35 inches]
-Length: 44 LID

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown with material

Availability: Immediate

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Single screw repelletizing line - NGR - C:GRAN085-110VSP - Ref.300046715

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