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Machine Sold

Used machine: Double-shaft film slitter-rewinders - CATBRIDGE - 344 - Ref. : 300035901

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CATBRIDGE - 344 - Used machine - MachinePoint
CATBRIDGE - 344 - Used machine - MachinePoint
CATBRIDGE - 344 - Used machine - MachinePoint
CATBRIDGE - 344 - Used machine - MachinePoint
CATBRIDGE - 344 - Used machine - MachinePoint

Data Sheet of Used CATBRIDGE 344

Ref. : 300035901


Year: 2010

Other Specifications:

Web Width Maximum: 59” (1500mm)
Note: Build Turret as 62” (1575mm)

Build Unwind as 59” (1500mm) max web,
Minimum: 24” (610mm)
Web Speed: 2000 FPM (625MPM) Geared for 2000 FPM
On 1” slits, maximum 1,700FPM (518MPM)
On 2” slits, maximum 1,700 FPM (518MPM)
On 3” slits, maximum 1,700 FPM (518MPM)
On 6” slits, maximum 2,000 FPM (625MPM)

PET, OPA, BOPP: min: 10 um (40 gauge) – max: 30 um (120 gauge)
LDPE, LLDPE, PE: min: 20 um – max: 150 um
HDPE, OPP: min: 12 um (48 gauge) – max: 100 um (400 gauge)
Laminates OPP/OPP: min: 20 um (80 gauge) – max: 60 um (240 gauge)

Rewind Specifications: Maximum Rewind Diameter: 24” (610mm)
Rewind Tension: 8 pounds – 90 pounds
Rewind Slit Width: Maximum Slit: 59” (1500mm)
Minimum Slit: 1”
Center Cuts: up to three 3/8” cull cuts

Unwind Specifications: Maximum Unwind Diameter: 50” (1270mm) diameter
Maximum Chuck Opening Dimensions: 22” (560mm) Min – 64” (1626mm) Max
Maximum Roll Weight: 5,000 lbs
Unwind Tension: 8 pounds – 90 pounds

Type of blades: 3 Tidland shear knives and about 30 razor knives

Typical Function Cycle Times:
Unwind: Typical time to discharge a finished core and load a pre-positioned roll is 5 minutes.
Razor Set-Up: Typical time to change 30 blades is under 4 minutes.
Transfer Time: Def. From stop at a completed wind to start on the next wind, (including indexing, cut-off, application of tabbing material [core tape and tail-tie] and enveloping; Typical time is 80 seconds.
Run Time: Run time is footage at web speed plus typical acceleration and deceleration rate.
Finished Roll Discharge: Typical time for the pusher system to discharge all finished rolls to the tree is 40 seconds at a slow to moderate rate. Speed of the pusher is set dependent on operator preferences. (Note: Discharge happens after the rewinding process has begun again and is not an addition to total cycle time)

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