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Used machine: Accumulation Head Extrusion blow moulding machine KAUTEX - K3D-S8

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Accumulation Head Extrusion blow moulding machine - KAUTEX - K3D-S8

Data Sheet of Used KAUTEX K3D-S8

Ref. : 300038914


Year: 2005

Other Specifications:

Kautex blow moulding machine SB 8 lncluding Blow Command 4 control for the fully automatic production of hollow articles made of thermoplastic material, applying the technique of suction blow moulding.

Technical Data
Mould width max (mm) 400 (500)
Mould length max. 1000
Mould depht min (mm) 500 -0/+3
Mould opening width min. (mm) 500
Mould opening width max. (mm) 900
Mould opening stroke (mm) 400
Mould weight max (Kg) 600
Static locking force (kN) 80
Clamping speed (mm/s) 400
Hydraulic drive power (kW) 15
Height adjustable extruder platform for the installation of one accumulator head with one extruder,
- with a height adjustment of 500 mm
N.1 Accumulator head 1,8 /125
Fifo design with over lapping heart shaped curves.
Hydraulic control cylinder for wall thickness control. Adapter prepared for melt pressure and melt temperature sensors. Heating with ceramic heater bands as standard. Coated melt-conducting surfaces.
Support with adjusting screws.
Max. filling weight for HDPE 1,4 kg
Min. die diameter 25 mm
Max. die diameter 125 mm
Number of heating zones 4
Weight approx. without die tools 500 kg

For processing of PA6 / 6,6 the customer will have to provide an oil tempering device for the feeding zone incl. the necessary corrugated metal tube for connection of the tempering
device. Moreover the material hopper to be provided by customer has to be insulated.
N.1 Extended extruder platform incl. ladder
N.2 Cooling device for drive control cabinet necessary in case of ambient temperature of more than 40°C
N.2 pneumatic control for auxiliary use
N.1 Article discharge chute height and inclination adjustable, discharge direction 90° to the mould spilt line
N.1 Heater band monitoring control
N.1 Serial printer connection on operating panel
N.1 Interface for host computer - "read only”
N. 1 Hydraulic control for auxiliary use
N.1 Control system BlowCommand 4

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