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Used machine: Patch handle bag making machine - LEMO - INTERmat DKT 850 - Ref. : 300039002

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Patch handle bag making machine - LEMO - INTERmat DKT 850

Data Sheet of Used LEMO INTERmat DKT 850

Ref. : 300039002

Brand: LEMO

Year: 2009

Other Specifications:

Unwind width: 1600 mm
Film reel: 1200 mm
Pick up height: 200 mm
bag width: 220-640 mm
bag height: 300-740 mm
Core: 74-76 mm
FSS 1600 acumulator unit for web tension and velocity tension
FD 1600 folding triangle
bottom gusseter
gusset depth: 30-80 mm
DKT 850 hot melt
reinforcment patch insert station
unwind with of reinforcment patch insert station: 140 mm
oval shape: 90x20 mm
glue application unit
patch strip draw off and perforating unit
ZVP 850 additional pair of draw rollers
GLS 850 Handle hole punching unit
Presealing unit:VS 850 Servo
Side sealing unit
Wicket stacker
Bags per stack: 125 bags
Total bag height: 200-800 mm
Total bag width: 100-640 mm
Fume extraction hood
dimensions of reinforced handle: 150x70/0.065-0.090 mm

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