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Used Double-shaft film slitter-rewinders: COMEXI KSC-140 of 2002

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Double-shaft film slitter-rewinders - COMEXI - KSC-140

Data Sheet of Used COMEXI KSC-140

Ref. : 300041439


Year: 2002

Other Specifications:

LDPE from 25 to 100 microns
HDPE from 12 to 60 microns
PP from 20 to 50 microns and similar materials

Minimum width of cut reel: from 50 to 60 mm
depending on the material and diameter of the coil

Inner diameter of mandrels:
Unwinder: 70, 76 and 152 mm
Rewinder: 70 and 76 mm

Drive: The machine is equipped with a 5.5 Kw AC motor
with its electric and electronic speed variation equipment

Simple unwinder.
Single shaft unwinder for reels max. diameter 1000 mm
Electromagnetic brake

Second brake on the unwinder for working wit materials with low tension

Fixed blades - 7 sets (support and blade)

Electro-hydraulic side aligner by photo-cell
Aligner by printed line and by edge

Two-station rewinder. Two axes
11 Kw AC motor synchronized with the main motor of the machine, with electric switchgear and control equipment

Pivot shafts. Right support of the rewinder shafts to allow the unloading of the coils

8 individual self-locking ball clutches for core 75 mm inner diameter
20 individual self-locking pin clutches, for core 70 mm inner diameter
2 sets of spacers, to work with self-locking devices of 70 mm inner diameter
2 Pneumatic unwinder shafts for core 76 mm inner diameter
1 Mechanical unwinder shaft for 70/76 mm diam
4 Pneumatic wedges for core 152 mm inner diameter to be used on the 76 mm diameter pneumatic unwinder shaft

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