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Pouch making machine WATERLINE, We provide a quality service in the buying and selling of used machinery, with all the services necessary to achieve a successful transaction.


Ref. : 300042249

Year: 2014


Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Welding Width: 700 mm

Bag Length (Max): 325 mm

Bag Length (Min): 80 mm

Cycles Per Minute: 200 U/min

Other Specifications:

The Waterline is based on a "RITEBAG 600-l". The special design allows a bag with 4 welded edges in longitudinal direction to be produced in one stroke. The subsequent cooling plate, which acts over the entire bag, cools all welds immediately.
Two film rolls and two folding devices are used to produce two "three halfs", which are joined together to form a gusseted bag. All 4 edges are completely welded in one stroke.
Various shapes including bottom welding can be attached to the welding device.
The 2 synchronization sensors can control the film halves to form a register/pressure accurate bag.
The Thomson Blade station, controlled by sensors, punches out each customer shape from the pre-made tube.
Finally, after the Thomson Blade station, the exact length of the bag is cut by a blade cut.

Materials: Laminated films of all kind
Thickness 40-250 microns

Pouch making capacity: 200 cycles/min (30-55 bags/min)

Unwind section
Max reel Width 2 x 680mm
Max reall Diameter: 1016mm
expanding shafts of 76/152mm
Film Tension Device
Edge guide Device

Film Feed Synchronization system

Forming Section:
Gusset Folding Board
Side Gusset Forming Station
Gusset Hole Punching Station

Sealing Section:
Film Feed Back
Longitudional Sealing and Cooling Station
Cross Spot Sealing Station
Stretcher Unit
Registration Mark Reading Station
Thomson Blade cutting Station
Longitudional Slitting/Trimming Station
Film feed front
Cross Cutting Station

Output Conveyor: 14mx0.7m

Tools included with machine:
Longitudional Sealing Die Set
Longitudional Cooling Die Set
Cross Sealing Die Set

It is also possible to make three side seal bags from two rolls and side gusset bags from two rolls, but for this a new K-bottom has to be manufactured as tool and placed on the sealing plate. The side gusset bags are built on the same principle as those in the picture.

3 side seals pouches, 2-up lanes
Max Height: 325mm
Min Height: 80mm
Max width: 700mm
Min width: 80m

Side Seal, 1 lane
Max Height: 700mm
Min Height: 80mm
Max width: 640mm
Min width: 80m
Max Gusset Depth: 142mm
Min Gusset Depth:80mm

Spout inserter is sold sepparately (ask if interested for price)

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: Not running. Can be shown with material

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 55 Kw

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