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Used Thermoformer: ILLIG RV53 of 1992

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Thermoformer - ILLIG - RV53

Data Sheet of Used ILLIG RV53

Ref. : 300045249

Brand: ILLIG

Year: 1992

Other Specifications:

ILLIG RV53 thermoforming machine with stacker from 1992 with 130.000 hours, in good working condition
Min-max forming area: 300x100 - 500x350mm
Part height above/below material level: 100/30mm
Material width min-max: 340-540mm
Max material thickness: 1.3mm
Installed power upper heating: 9.8kW
Installed power of lower heater: 9.8kW
Length of lower heater: 500mm
Vacuum pump power: 40 m3/h
Reel diameter: 600mm

Max. speed/minute: 20
Installed power with upper heater : 13.7kW
Installed power with upper and lower heater: 19.3 kW
Diameter of waste skeleton reel max: 600mm

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