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HOME MADE - Glass 6 cavities

Injection moulding moulds2015

FOSTAG - Mold 48 cav PCO 1810

Moulds for Closures2010

HUSKY - Cold Half System HyPET 120

Moulds for Preforms2017

HOME MADE - Shower

Injection moulding moulds2016

HUSKY - Rouxel Watercap 30/25 2gr

Moulds for Closures2008

PLASTISUD - 72 Cavities CAP 30/25 LOW RING

Moulds for Closures2007

HUSKY - Cold Half System HyPET 120

Moulds for Preforms2016

- Hot Runner HyPET 120

Moulds for Preforms2014

TECUS - welding sockets corrugated pipes diam. 200-500 mm

Injection moulding moulds

HOME MADE - Mold for inline hockey and football floors

Injection moulding moulds


Moulds for Closures2002

CORVAGLIA - 72 cavities 30/25

Moulds for Closures2008

KTW - 16 Cavities 29/21 Oil cap

Moulds for Closures2011

HOME MADE - PP Pipe fittings

Injection moulding moulds

HOME MADE - PPR fittings drinking water

Injection moulding moulds

HOME MADE - sunbed 900

Injection moulding moulds

HOME MADE - moulds for Ice Cream/Patisserie containers/blisters & lids

Injection moulding moulds

HOME MADE - Moulds for crates

Injection moulding moulds2018

KTW - 72 cavities 1810

Moulds for Closures2006

HOME MADE - Moulds for seats and backrests for community seating;

Injection moulding moulds

EURO STAMPI SRL - Moulds for plastic pallet

Injection moulding moulds2007

MHT - 48 cavity

Moulds for Preforms2001

HOME MADE - Moulds for Flower pots

Injection moulding moulds

- Mould for 1100 lt bin

Injection moulding moulds2011

HOME MADE - Mango Crate Mould

Injection moulding moulds

MHT - 32 Cav 27 Alaska

Moulds for Preforms2011SOLD


Moulds for Preforms2017SOLD

HOME MADE - Hanger Moulds

Injection moulding mouldsSOLD
HOME MADE Glass 6 cavities - MachinePoint

HOME MADE Glass 6 cavities - 2015

Glass 260ml (Compact) 6 cavities
Weight of the product: 13 g.
Capacity: 4000 pieces/h
Currently working on KRAUSS MAFFEI - KM280-1400 C3
800.000 injection cycles made


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