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Maszyna używana: Maszyny do Lodow - SIDAM - Polo 4 - Ref.: 300035781

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    Dane techniczne maszyny używanej SIDAM Polo 4

    Ref.: 300035781

    Marka: SIDAM

    Rok: 1987

    Inne specyfikacje:

    Linear stick molding Ice Cream machine SIDAM POLO4, year 1987

    Five lines

    The molds are immersed in solution CaSO3 at -45 degr. C.
    The Cooling of CaSO3 solution is achieved in a tubular exchanger of ammonia (NH3), which is supplied from the central facility of the plant. The exchanger, the pump and the tank of the CaSO3 solution are supplied with the filling machine.

    The speed machine can reach 100 pieces per minute.

    The machine includes the following stations:
    1. Filling with volumetric filler
    2. Station to fill up syrup inside the ice cream
    3. Station to import sticks
    4. Station where the ice cream is coated with chocolate. the chocolate tank as well as the chocolate pump are included
    5. Station to export the ice cream in conveyor with stainless steel trays

    Model: KF 300
    Manufacturer: PMS
    Year of construction: 1987
    Capacity: up to 300 kg / h
    Swelling (overrun): at least 80%

    The freezer consists of two "cylinders", which means that it can produce simultaneously two different kind of ice creams with a capacity of up to 2 x 300 kg / h
    One of the cylinders has not been used for several years and it requires both mechanical and electrical repairs.
    The machine originally worked with Freon but was transformed by Sidam to work with ammonia. Although it was constructed to work automatically, now all settings (cool, swelling, capacity) are operated manually.

    The line is still installed, but not in use.

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