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Used machine: Extrusion Blow Moulding machines from 10 L KAUTEX - KBS 2 -20 PC - E90/25

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Extrusion Blow Moulding machines from 10 L - KAUTEX - KBS 2 -20 PC - E90/25

Data Sheet of Used KAUTEX KBS 2 -20 PC - E90/25

Ref. : 300035853


Year: 2001

Other Specifications:

KAUTEX KBS 2 -20/30 Extrusion Blow Molding equipment for 19 l PC bottles
Year 2001
Working hours : 38882 h


Dryer, consists of from 3 parts: a) dryer and b) reservoir c) stairs
Piovan mixing unit
Curing oven
A big conveyor which transports the waste to mill
Milling unit
A small conveyor, which is modular, and transports the bottles in the oven and out of the oven to the printing machine.
Dust remover and cyclones with structure
Labeling machine

The actual KAUTEX machine consists of 2 big units,
Base part with the clamping unit and blowing pin
Upper part with the feeding system, the extruder, and the die-head
All around the top part have access platform (many elements)

Extruder single-screw 90 mm, 25D
Die-head diameter 100-130 mm
Gross weight: 1580 g
Cycle time: 25-28 seconds

Ancillaries: deflashing device, special table for dismounted the principal head, etc.

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