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Used machine: Other Dairy Machine Type DFT STOCK - SRX1300-4 HV

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Other Dairy Machine Type - DFT STOCK - SRX1300-4 HV

Data Sheet of Used DFT STOCK SRX1300-4 HV

Ref. : 300038695


Year: 2014

Other Specifications:

Sterilizer of flavored milk in a semi-automatic sterilization line.

It works with glass / cans / PE bottles, and it includes an option for different bottle sizes.
3 rotary full water immersion process retorts SRX1300-4 HV (hydraulic door) incl. micro-shuttles for semi-automatic transport of cages in and out of the retorts.

- sterilizer
- loading system
- labeler
- cardboard packer and
- conveyors

- packages per layer: 247
- layers per cage: 6
- packages per cage: 1.482
- number of cages in retort: 4
- resulting capacity: 5.928 packages/batch

The machine was bought in 2014 and it has never been used.
All the reports of the last certification FAT (2018) are available.

Currently configured for flavoured milk in HDPE bottles, diameter 54mm, height 118mm.

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