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Used machine: Extrusion Blow Moulding machines from 10 L BEKUM - BA14

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Extrusion Blow Moulding machines from 10 L - BEKUM - BA14

Data Sheet of Used BEKUM BA14

Ref. : 300039117

Brand: BEKUM

Year: 1996

Other Specifications:


For 20 litres stackable jerrycan, with post-cooling and automatic deflashing

-Extruder-size: S901 90mm grooved barrel (HDPE/HMWPE)
-Kind of head: BKZ 180
-Programmer: 75 point Bekum on screen parison programmer
-Waste punch: YES
-Post cooling: YES
-Kind of control: BEKUM ISCOS BMC1000 PLC CONTROL
-Language: GERMAN
-Capacity: up to 25 liter jerrycan
- Bottom mold movement ready
-Voltage: 380-440V.
-Cut and weld with constant and programmable pre-blow
-Automatic lubrication system
-Photocell system auto-parison adjustment

Clamping force: 200 kN
Mould length max: 600 mm
Mould with max: 510 mm
Mould depth: 2 x 200 mm
Daylight opening: 260 mm
Weight of mould max: 450 kg

Dry cycle time 3,5 s
Number of cycles: 5/min
Max.connected load: 108 kW

Working hours: 92.000h

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