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Used machine: Air bubble film extrusion line - ALPHA MARATHON - - Ref. : 300037934

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Data Sheet of Used ALPHA MARATHON

Ref. : 300037934


Year: 2011

Other Specifications:

Max roll diameter: 1200 mm
Materials: 55% LDPE, 25%LLDPE, 20% HDPE and blends.

Consisting of:

1- One in-line trim/scrap recycling system, including cyclone and feeder.
Standard features:
- Venture trim removal system
- Trim receiver
- High efficiency cyclone
- Screw feeder
- Film grinder

2- One Marathon 75 mm diameter, 30:1 L/D 150 hp AC extruder model AM3075
- 75 mm screw diameter, 30:1 effective length/diameter ratio
- Bimetallic barrel with Xaloy 800 or equivalent liner and4140 steel backing
- Rated for pressures up to 690 BAR
- Drilled for pressure transducer, rupture disc and thermocouples
- Manufactured from 4140 steel with flights faced with Colmony 83
- Designed to process 50% LDPE, 25% LLDPE, 20% HDPE and blends
- Screw features barrier flight and fluted mixers
- Barrel heat/cool system divided into 5 barrel zones
- Each barrel zone includes ceramic heaters and efficient blowers
- Zones individually divided by an integrated insulated shroud easily removed for maintenance
- Heavy duty double-reduction helical gear reducer with direct driven oil circulation
- Service factor of 2 mechanical given a 150 hp drive and output speed of 125 RPM
- Incorporates positive pressure lubrication off of input shaft
- Lubrication filter and cooler
Screw speed
- Belt driven for a maximum screw speed of 125 RPM
Thrust bearing
- Thrust housing assembly integral with reducer
- Spherical bearing at 125 RPM and 345 BAR back pressure
- Siemens 150HP AC flux vector drive with accurate speed regulation, forced ventilated and drip proof Siemens motor, blower and filter
Other features:
- Pressure gauge with alarm
- Low barrel height
- Hopper and slide gate
- Transformer for heaters included
- Rupture disc rated at 520 BAR included
- Junction box
- Drawer magnet

3- One Marathon 75 mm manual screen changer for the A/M extruder
Made of high quality steel, thermally treated and rectified in their sliding parts.
Compact design offers excellent working conditions and the screen pack changing does not require special tooling
- Manual lever type
- Complete with 2 detachable breaker plates, pre-hardened and ground
- Includes neck and flanges to extruder
- Standard die flange
- Pressure actuated sealing mechanism
- Complete with pre-wired heater bands and "J" type thermocouple
- New effective screen filter for the use of reprocessed plastics in new material processing applications
- This screen filter enables a continuous run with less scrap produced

4- One 1600 mm dual orifice flat die with deckling system on each side to accommodate 1500 mm web width
Standard features
- Heavy duty body with back-center fed single layer die for flat film
- Dual opening with deckling system and gap range from 20-100 microns
- Manufactured from 4140 steel, annealed and stress relieved
- Polymer surfaces and passages machined and polished to RMS 12-14, and hard nickel plated
- High quality ceramic cartridge heaters complete with plugs/receptacles and thermocouples
- Computer designed coat hanger style to suit 50% LDPE, 25% LLDPE, 20% HDPE and blends
- Low-pressure design for +-2-3% gauge distribution and 250 BAR back pressure
- Die body heat treated to 28-32 Rockwell C with center support
- Neck adapters to suit screen changers complete with flange
- Heater bands and thermocouples

5- One Marathon extrusion and auxiliary platform
Standard features:
- Constructed from structural steel with vertical support beams and platform accessed by stairs
- Platform designed to incorporate.
- Two extruders
- Flow distributor assembly
- Feed blocks
- Screen changers
- Dies assemblies
- Electronic controls
- Isolation transformers and heater transformers
- Main distribution panel
- All auxiliary equipment

6- One Marathon face bubble forming cylinder assembly with heated and chilled rollers package to accommodate 1500 mm finished web width
Standard features
- Generating finished web width of 1500 mm with 10 mm bubble size
- One 545 mm diameter bubble forming cylinders with dual wall internal refrigeration
- Forming cylinder mounted on especial sub frame for easy removal
- One rubber roll pneumatically adjustable with 50 mm opening and internal refrigeration
- Two way rotary unions for inlet-outlet oil supply
- Two 150 mm Teflon coated tempering rollers
- Two dual wall steel cooling rollers polished and chrome plating for post layer lamination, complete with integrated sub frame
- Two wat rotary unions for inlet-outlet water supply
- Independent 2.0 HP drive system for forming cylinder
- Prevision for second drive system with third web
- Rollers assembly mounted on 25mm thick ground HRS plate frame
- Line bored in mated pairs
- Dual 2 HP AC regenerative drive system per each set of heated rolls
- Heavy duty gear box with timing belt pulley drives
- Rotary union and flexible hoses for vacuum pump included
- Overhead lifting device for forming cylinder change over
- Two spread rollers mounted independently on side plates
- Complete walking platform with hand rail accessed from steel stairs

7- One Marathon manual single face turret winder with perforating and multiple slitting stations to accommodate 1500mm finished web width (winding bubble both ways)
Standard Features
Roll Size
- 1600mm roll face width
- 1200mm maximum roll diameter with two air shaft arrangement
- Hand rail accessed from steel stairs
Side Plates
- Tube frame fabrication
- Line bored in mated pairs
- Enclosure on motor side of winder
- Two 3 HP Siemens torque drive systems, one per winding shaft
- Speed matching of idle shaft to line speed of winding shaft when changing over
- Timing belt pulley drives
- System geared for maximum line speed
- Cantilevered shaft mechanism for easy finish roll removal
- Air hose facility for inflating air shafts after loading
- Power indexing by integrally mounted gear head motor
- Automatic tension control via programmable torque drive system
Guiding Rolls
- Assembly includes overhead frame with fixed curvature bowed roll prior to lay on roll and entry idlers
Cut Off
- Automatic by serrated knife
Accumulator assembly
- Mounted integrally in secondary nip
- Lightweight, pneumatically balanced accumulator for precise tension control and taking up the slack during cutting at zero or reduced speed
- 90mm diameter aluminum idler rolls precision machined and statically balanced
- Rollers all mounted on low friction precision bearings
- Two (2) pneumatically expandable shafts for 75mm I.D. cores
Control Panel
- Mounted integrally on side frame
- Drive controls, on/off and speed potentiometer, ammeters and MPM meters
- Power indexing controls with safety interlock
- Auto-sequencing via counter or manual activation
- Siemens PLC controls
Slitting station
- Edge trim bar with low friction rotary knives for precision cut mounted on winder frame and activated with pneumatic cylinder on rectangular tubing
- Nitride shaft with high precision bearings
Perforating station
- Mounted integrally on steel side plated bored in pairs
- 250mm diameter brush roll manufactured from steel tubing, precision machined and statically balanced
- 2.0 HP servo motor
- Pneumatically actuated open/close roll incorporating air cylinders, solenoid valve, pressure regulator and tubing lines
- Rotary perforating system with three sets of serrated knives
- Programmable selection with minimum length of 150mm per cycle depending upon material and line speed
Other features
- Synchronized drive system to drive both side plates with articulate mechanism for air shaft support
- Pneumatically retractable self-centering chucks and drive coupling system
- Unloading of finished roll to be to the right side of winder

8- One vacuum pump
- One liquid ring vacuum pump
- 10 HP close-coupled TEFC 3 HP motor
- Manufactured from high tensile cast iron body and bronze propeller
- Capacity of 16-22 Hg V 252 Torr. at 1750 rpm
- 2"/150 RF gas conn. size rating
- Complete with all connections and piping from and to forming roll

9- One complete oil temperature control unit
Immersion heater
- Two (2) 24 kW steel sheath heaters, total 48 kW (one extra if third layer lamination)
- Low watt density
- "Fulflo" by-pass valve to protect heater element and pump
- Hermetically sealed mercury contactor
- Flange mounted to an all steed welder heater case
- Conveniently located for easy of accessibility
- 96 liter per minute at 4 bar
- 2 HP positive displacement pump close coupled to a 2500 rpm ODP motor with a high temperature mechanical seal
- 40mm delivery and return connections
- Delivery pressure gauges
-"U" tube heat exchanger
- Stainless steel tube with a steel shell
- Solenoid valve cooling controlled by temperature controller
- 18 liter baffled steel expansion tank and reservoir
Microprocessor controller
- Solid state temperature OMRON controller 1/16 DIN size
- Dual digital displays; Set temperature and Process temperature
- PID controller with "auto-tune" feature
- Set point deviation indication
- "Lockout" feature prevents unauthorized temperature setting
- Sensor fault indication
- Temperature range 100 oC to 300 oC
Safety controls
- Pump motor thermal overloads protection
- High temperature safety thermostat
- High temperature safety secondary contact on main thermostat
- Pump pulses, heater fuses, fuses on both the primary and secondary of the control transformer
- "Y" strainer on the return line to keep fluid clean

10- One Marathon digital operator control panel
Standard features
- Floor standing control panel including temperature controllers for the barrel and heated zones
- Master drive control including one master speed and individual slaves
- Complete digital PLC mater control center with peripheral interface
- One "soft touch" LCD flat screen for complete monitoring laminating station, heating rollers and cooling rollers
- Chilled rollers forward/reverse, on/off controls
- Oil heated rollers, forward/reverse, on/off controls
- Forming roller forward/reverse, on/off controls
- Nip rollers, forward/reverse, on/off controls
- Vacuum power unit on/off buttons
- Water thermo control unit on/off buttons and controls
- Oil control unit on/off buttons and controls
- To suit local voltage, all drives and PLC are Siemens

Line Specification
Line speed: up to 50 m/min depending on material gauge
Film specification: 1500mm finished web width @ 25 to 100 microns
Power drives requirements: to suit local power supply
Power heater requirements: 300 kW
Water requirements: 8 cubic meters per hour (no water requirement if chiller is applied)
Compressed air requirements: 6 bar of dry air

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