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Used machine: Blown film die head - POLYREMA - 105mm-30D - Ref. : 300038119

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POLYREMA - 105mm- 30D - Used machine - MachinePoint
POLYREMA - 105mm- 30D - Used machine - MachinePoint
POLYREMA - 105mm- 30D - Used machine - MachinePoint
POLYREMA - 105mm- 30D - Used machine - MachinePoint
POLYREMA - 105mm- 30D - Used machine - MachinePoint
POLYREMA - 105mm- 30D - Used machine - MachinePoint

Data Sheet of Used POLYREMA 105mm-30D

Ref. : 300038119


Year: 2011

Other Specifications:

Technical Specification

References :
85% LDPE recycling equipment1. Quality

Thickness: 0.025 - 0.200 mm
Die diameter: 350 mm
Output depending on die diameter, material and size
Cooling ring: 105-30
Inflation rate: > 1 : 3.0
Temp. air cooling : <15°C
Output in kg/h : 400
Extruder output 105-30 : max. 550 kg/h LDPE with slip MFI>=1

Components of the installation:

1.0 Extrusion
1.1 Feed hopper with:
measurement and indication of the extruder output
control of the weight per metre by adjusting the extruder rpm
control from the central console mounted in the control cabinet

1.2 Extruder Evolution 105-30D :
gearbox with integrated axial bearing, cooling with ceramic resistors and fans
temperature control with heating circuit control and long life Solid State relay in the central cabinet
direct drive by frequency-controlled three-phase alternating current motor
mechanical screw jack for screws
water-cooled grooved inlet area
Reiloy 121 cylinder
universal screw made of highly wear-resistant special steel
high capacity mixer
4 heating zones

1.3 Hydraulic filter holder BDOx2 Plast for 105 mm extruder

1.4 Mass temperature measurement

1.5 Mass pressure measurement
Placed in front of the filter holder stops the machine in case of overpressure

2.0 Electrical
2.1 Power supply cabinet
For the central supply of the electrical connections for the equipment, including distribution for all components supplied max. rated current. 400 A

2.2 Driving cabinet - Extruder A
For an extruder water exchanger for ambient temperatures of max. 70°C.
2.3 Control cabinet with control elements for the following components:
On/off extruder
Extruder rotation speed by motor potentiometer
Fan speed by frequency converter
Shooter on / off
Pulling speed by motor potentiometer
Temperatures per BA 8 control panel

2.4 Basic automation unit GDCB
Integrated in the control cabinet
Integrated in a central control cabinet, with industrial PC, 10'' TFT touch screen monitor and printer including:
control of the surface weight & output of the extruder
temperature control
representation of trends
alarm system

2.5 AC gearmotor for existing 2.2 kW Zocchi drive power hood, frequency converter installed in the system control cabinet.

3.0 Formatting
3.1 Monolayer die head BKF 0400-01-C1
Monolayer die head for die diameters from 120 mm to 400 mm with 3 heating zones and stationary extrusion head support

3.2 Die
350 mm diameter for monolayer die head, air gap for material passage: 1.6 mm

4.0 Cooling
4.1 Cooling ring
Cooling ring with 350 mm diameter lip insert

4.2 Internal cooling system
one fan for air supply and one for air extraction
ultra-sonic bubble adjustment for bubble diameter adjustment with :
2 ultra-sonic cells mounted on the basket arms for non-contact bubble diameter measurement
automatic precise adjustment of the internal air flow by an ultra-fast device

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