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Used machine: Complete thermoforming sheet extrusion lines - POLARCUP - - Ref. : 300038672

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POLARCUP -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
POLARCUP -  - Used machine - MachinePoint
POLARCUP -  - Used machine - MachinePoint

Data Sheet of Used POLARCUP

Ref. : 300038672


Year: 2000

Other Specifications:

Materials: Food expanded polystyrene
Machine used for production of polystyrene trays

Manufacturer: MAPRE
Screw diameter: Ø 100
Name E1.100.30.RN.CHC
Length: 30 D (30 × 100)
Static exchanger: GROS
Output: 120 Kg/h. Manufacturer data 160 kg/h
Cooling of the areas: AIR
Max. screw speed: 120 rpm
Extruder motor: ABB Continuous current
SPEED: 1750 rpm.
POWER: 166 kW.
Material pump: own conception
SEW EURODRIVE motorization
geared motor R87 DV 112M4/ES2T
Power: 4 kw Speed 1420/43 rpm

Gas pump: LEWA dosing pump type EHM1/M210/Ø16
Max. flow rate 30l/h
Motor 4 kW
Pressure 430 to 500 bar
Butane, Pentane product
P.R.T filter changer model Flash CO 100
Die : Ø 101.6 inch threaded
THICKNESS die : 0.22 to 0.27 inches
Raw material supply: volumetric
Granulate unit + talc (with scraper): KOCH MA 4
KOCH MA4 unit
KOCH MA4 unit
KOCH MA4 unit
Re-crushed/granulated unit KOCH MA7
Mixer: KOCH V40x


Max. diameter of the mould wheel: 1225 mm (improved)
Vacuum forming: Vacuum pump unit ROTOMILS S100 Motor 2.2 kW 1450 rpm
Forming motor: SEW USOCOME
Power: 4 kW
Speed: 1420 / 91 r./min.

Extraction of parts: By draught and air
Cooling: Water + 2 fans.

Tools used: all tools length 510 Ø pins 50 Ø max. 310
Accepts tools length 470 Ø pins 38.1 with adapter rings
Max. width sheet : 284 mm.
Maximum tray width: 230 mm.
Tool pressure: 4 bar - 7 bar .
Automatic cutting: REDEX SRC 6250 VP n° 93000125
Synchronization: by cardan shaft and gearboxes

Grinder : Soundproof CMB. Power 18.5 kW

Tools used: all perforators axis length 680 Ø max. 300
Power : motor WU DA90LMD
2.2 kw 3000 rpm B5 380 v
Coaxial gearbox Z60K4 (90) ratio 33.29

Stacker: own design called "hedgehog"

Bagger: own design
Maximum height and width of a package: 320*600 mm

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