Used BRÜCKNER of 1991 for sale

Bi-axial film extrusion and stretching line BRÜCKNER, In MachinePoint we work so that our buyers receive a professional service and so the transaction is safe.

Data Sheet of Used BRÜCKNER

Ref. : 300042947

Year: 1991


Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Biaxial Material Type:BOPP

Film Width (Max): 6600 mm

Layers: 5

Number Of Extruders: 4

Output Capacity: 3000 kg/h


Screw Diameter: 120 mm

Main Drive Power:AC


Screw Diameter: 90 mm

· CASTING UNIT: 5 layer Norson EDI

Other Specifications:

The original line is from 90s (it was 3 layers), but in 2000-2004 it was heavily invested (approx. 4mln euros), changed to 5 layers, new extruders, new tubes for melt, new filtration system, new die, new chill roll, new chain system, new pull roll stand, new winder, new components for dosing system

Product Details
5 layers (possible layers A-B-C-D-E) Thickness: 15 - 60 micron Width of film after trim: 6,0 m

Max mechanical speed: 300 m/min Produced film type: packaging film

Main extruder is a tandem of Ø250 and Ø175 mm extruders Max output: 2500 kg/hr Manufacturer: Mitsubishi AC drives Main filter (13 candle filters) surface area: 6,2 m2

2 co-extruders Ø120mm with max. output 380 kg/hr Filter: 1 candle filter with surface area 4000cm2 Manufacturer: Battenfeld AC drives

2 satellite extruders Ø90mm with max output 180 kg/hr Filter: disc filters with a changer Manufacturer: Mitsubishi AC drives

Casting unit
Die 810mm AUTOFLEX VI-R MULTIFLOW V, Chill roll 2400mm, Air knife, Film and chill roll drying system, Water bath

MDO (Machine Direction Orienter)
Manufacturer: Brückner Pre-heating via heat box heated by 2 Eclipse (800kW each) natural gas burners 6 stretching rolls (oil heated) 4 annealing rolls (oil heated) 4 nip rolll Tension control at inlet and outlet AC drives

TDO (Transverse Direction Orienter)
Manufacturer: Brückner Chain and chain track model: FOK 4.7 Heating system: Eclipse (200kW) natural gas burner for every zone (13 zones), no oil Edge guide system at inlet

Pull Roll Stand
Edge trim, mills and system for returning shredded edges to the main extruder Corona treatment station (Sherman) AC drives / Siemens PLC

Kampf non-stop winder Working width: 7000 mm 40 steel cors

AC & PLC: Fully integrated system PLC with operator workstations Main PLC for the line is Valmet Thickness Gauge: Honeywell Measurex System with a new workstation and software (2013)

Material feeding equipment
Main extruder: mixing hopper, raw material feeder, regranulate feeder, 2 additives feeders
Co-extruders: raw material feeder + 4 component gravimetric system
Satellite extruder: raw material feeder

Extruders: 5
Power req. 2.2MW
Machine area req. 115x25x8m

On All extruders there are:

Metal separators Drying systems Suction conveying
Slitter Rewinder: Atlas 6600 mm
Silos: 10 silos 30 tons each
Trane Chiller
Herbold shredder

Other Details:

Rebuild: 2004

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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