Used BRÜCKNER Mono oriented PET-G and PVC of 2021 for sale

2021 | Ref.: 300044579

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Line able to produce material for shrink sleeves

Data Sheet of Used BRÜCKNER Mono oriented PET-G and PVC

Ref.: 300044579

Year: 2021


For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

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Technical Specifications:

  • Materials: PVC PET-G
  • Film Width (Max): 4200 mm

Other Specifications:

Mono oriented PET-G / PVC Shrink Film Production Line
This line dones not have an extrusion unti, it is a roll to roll unit

Thickness of incoming film: 50 – 440 μm
Cast film width (depending of raw material): 811 – 2.160 mm
Film thickness: 20 – 80 μm
Mechanical speed on winder: 80 m/min
Film net on winder (PVC): 1.550 kg/h
Output per year (PVC): 11.625 tons, based on 7.500 operating hours

Edge Trim Recycling System:
Throughput: 260 kg/h max.
Conveying speed: approx 25m/sec

Transverse Direction Orienter:
Feeding width range: 800 - 2600 mm
Max. stretch width: 5000 mm
Exit width range: 3600 - 4600 mm
Stretching ratio, mechanical: 1 : 1,38 - 1 : 5,75
Oven layout Total: 25,5 m
Chain Track system: FOK 1.2 combined roller/sliding system
Chain track with adjustment motorized
Chain drive: 2 individuals AC motors
Inlet edge guide: hydraulic system,
Clip closing and Clip opening: mechanic system
Heating system: Oil heated
Oven: Exhaust and fresh air supply system

Stretching and Annealing Section:
Air circulation system

Thickness control system (TCE 2.0)
Infrared Heating unit in TDO Stretching section
Thickness control software
Neutral section
Cooling section
Oven lighting for inspection
Exit table
Film Break Detector with infrared system to actuate

Oven Oil Heating system:
Heat Exchanger
Valve station
Control included in IMC system
Temperature control unit

Fresh Air Supply and Exhaust system:
Neutral + cooling zone
Clip cooling system

Working width: 3200 - 4200 mm
Non trimmed film width: 3600 - 4500 mm
Roll face width: 4600 mm
Edge trim cutting in front of thickness measurement
Edge trim oscillation: +/- 5 mm
Thickness Gauge: X-Ray
Direct drive system

Edge Trim section
Roll Assembly
Drive system
Film Break Detector
Electrical system
Safety Equipment

Thickness Gauge Unit for MO-Film
Cooling System

Working width: 3200 - 4200 mm
Non Trimmed film width: 3600 - 4500 mm
Roll face width: 4600 mm
Contact Roll diam. 286 mm
Mill Roll diam. 1000 mm
Weight of Film (PET-G) and core: approx 5000 kg
Winder designed for core tubes: outer diam. 350 mm, length 5000 mm (no unloading trolley)
The winder is designed to operate in two modes: contact and gap winding
Winding system consists of:
- Contact roll assembly
- Automatic Cross Cutting device
- Edge Pullers
- Electrostatic Eliminator
- Electrostatic Charging
- Turret System
Core Chucking System
Electrical system
Safety equipment
Core Tubes

Central Unit for cooling water

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

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Shrink extrusion line - BRÜCKNER - Mono oriented PET-G and PVC - Ref.300044579

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