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Laminators - DCM - Lamcombi

Data Sheet of Used DCM Lamcombi

Ref. : 300038036

Brand: DCM

Year: 2008

Other Specifications:

Machine equipped for solvent lamination and flexo printing

Main Features :
Max material width : 870mm
Max coating width: 850mm
Mechanical speed: 400m/min

Max. production speed according to the applications :
Complexing with solvent glue: 200m/min
Printing at the mark (+/- 0.5mm) : 140m/min

Max weight of reels at unwinders and rewinder: 1500kg
Material tension :
To unwinders: 3-40kg
To rewinder : 4-40kg

Description of the proposed machine :

1/Main unwinder for single station coating material with :
Self-locking safety bearings
Electromagnetic powder brake (MEROBEL) with forced ventilation and strain gauge regulation with PLC control
Coil rotation in both directions
Automatic webguide (FIFE)

2/Secondary unwinder for single station complexing material with :
Self-locking safety bearings
motor and dancer control of the unwinder with PLC control
Coil rotation in both directions
Automatic webguide with comparison (FIFE), aligning the reel with the film at the exit of the drying tunnel.

3/Corona treatment on the unwinder of the material to be coated and on the unwinder of the material to be complexed

4/Cart coating group type Laminastar 2 Combipack with :
Pneumatic locking device for trolleys
Counterparty device comprising:
A rubber pressure cylinder with pneumatic pressurization on the coating cylinder
The presser is a sleeve type that can be dismantled in the machine, the supply includes :
Working mandrel sleeve holder permanently mounted in the machine
Service chuck used to trim sleeve
Pneumatic booster
1 sleeve
A pneumatic control panel. An ADF electric control panel by pressurization.
Drive device :
An alternating current main motor with vector variator driving by toothed belt an oil bath angle gearbox
Quick coupling device by lever from the gearbox to the coating cylinder
ADF lighting of the coating unit

5/ A gravure type trolley with :
Bearing set for mounting the coating cylinder from 280 to 600mm repeat
Ink fountain and splash guards
A pump with a 35 litre tank

6/1 600mm rotogravure cylinder

7/Complete gravureacle with pneumatic pressurization

8/An arched dryer of total length 6m with :
-2 sections of 3m with each:
12 air nozzles
Driven belt support rollers
Opening in lower part
Band pass device. Two passages are possible. Depending on the type of coating, the strip passes in front of the blowing nozzles (solvent-based coating) or directly (solventless glue coating).

9/Electric air heating and ventilation

10/A calendering group with :
Polished chrome steel laminating cylinder.
Rubberized presser with pneumatic application
AC motor drive with vector drive electronically controlled to the motor of the coating unit with regulation by gauges measuring the web tension
A water or oil preheater according to options, for the 6kw complexing cylinder

11/A cooling cylinder for cold water circulation

12/Rewinder one station with :
-Self-locking safety bearings
-AC motor drive with constant or decreasing voltage winding regulated by PLC
-Reel rotation in both directions
-Aluminium support cylinder with adjustable pneumatic pressure
-1 trolley for loading and unloading reels

Accessories or additional equipment included:
-3 pneumatic shafts for 70mm mandrel
-2 pneumatic shafts for 76mm mandrel
-2 pneumatic shafts for mandrel 150/152mm
-1 additional electric pump for the gravure trolley
-1 Sherman corona treatment for metallic or non-metallic film, for the material to be coated
-1 Sherman corona treatment for metallized or non-metallized film, for the material to be complexed
-1 flexo coating carriage comprising :
1 doctor blade chamber, with pneumatic pressurization on the anilox cylinder

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