Used BATTENFELD of 1981 for sale

Sheet coextrusion lines BATTENFELD, You can contact our team and analyze your needs so we can offer you the best possible solution depending on your budget.

Data Sheet of Used BATTENFELD

Ref. : 300038514

Technical Specifications:

Materials:PP PS and PP

Film Width (Max): 800 mm

Film Thickness (Min): 0.2 mm

Film Thickness (Max): 2 mm

Output Capacity: 350 kg/h

Layers: 3

Number Of Extruders: 3

Screw Diameters: 120 mm, 75 mm, 50 mm

Other Specifications:

Extrusion Line: Battenfeld co-extrusion line
Materials: PS and PP
Main Vented Extruder: 1-120-36D
Main Vented Extruder Diameter: 120 mm
Vented Co-Extruder 1: 1-75-25D
Vented Co-Extruder 1 Diameter: 75 mm
Vented Co-Extruder 2: 1-50-20D
Vented Co-Extruder 2 Diameter: 50 mm
Flat head die 900 mm
Calender unit: L-shaped, 5 calenders
Refrigeration unit for calenders: yes
PIOVAN gravimetric dosifier unit for for 5 components
Power: 3x400V 50Hz

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

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