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Used Sheet monoextrusion lines: EREMA MEAF Vacurema Advanced 120T- MEAF of 2016

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Sheet monoextrusion lines - EREMA MEAF - Vacurema Advanced 120T- MEAF

Data Sheet of Used EREMA MEAF Vacurema Advanced 120T- MEAF

Ref. : 300044222


Year: 2016

Other Specifications:

Input material: PET bottle grinded material with approximately constant viscosity IV, grinder, clean, dry and pre-mixed, max. 0.8%.moisture, free from PVC

Flat film mono-extrusion line EREMA Vacurema Advanced 120T + Calendar line MEAF
Brand: EREMA Model: Vacurema Advanced 120T
Year of manufacture EREMA: 2001 - Partially remanufactured in 2016
Year of manufacture MEAF: 2016

Other specifications:
Vacuum feeding system: Plastic Systems, Type: SERV-MTCHC, Year of manufacture: 2016
Feeder: Maguire. Type: WSB-940T, Year of manufacture: 2016
2-component system, expandable to 4-components
Crystallization dryer: EREMA, Type: KT 1300/120, Crystallisation dryer - drive: Lenze, Type: Dera 280-23
Vacuum reactor: EREMA,Type: VACUREMA 1500,Reactor drive: WEG,Type: 315S/M-6
Vacuum unit reactor: EREMA/Scheuch,Type: frup 560-02/04-1,2,Roots vacuum unit (reactor): Kaeser,Type: WVC 4000 + WVC 1200,Year of manufacture: 2016
Vacuum pump (reactor): Speck,Type: VH 600,Year of construction: 2016
Process water treatment: EREMA,Type: BWAB 1500S,Year of construction: 2016
Extruder drive: WEG,Type: 280S/M-4
Extruder gearbox: Köllmann,Type: UNEX 62V/120/EO, i = 13, 19

Screw: EREMA,Type: RM 120 T-VSYear of manufacture: 2018
Laser filter: EREMA´,Type: LF 2/354,Year of manufacture: 2017
Melt pump: Nordson,Type: MS-24N-002D,Year of manufacture: 2016

Die head: Nordson,Type: 100/35/SL/MF1 - 1050mm,Year of manufacture: 2016

Calendar MEAF,Type: 500x500x350x1050 45°
- Roll width: 1050mm
- 2 rollers with 500 x 1050mm
- 1 roller with 350 x 1050mm
- Arrangement of rollers: 45°
Year of manufacture: 2016

Take off suitable for HIPS/GPPS/PP/APET-FIlm

Edge trimming system: CattoriniType: EDGE TRIM SINGLE WINDER AR/2´,- 2-knife system,Year of construction: 2016

Thickness measurement: MEAF,Type: DM 1100
- Contactless measuring unit with one capacitive sensor
- Measuring width: 1100mm
- Measuring thickness: up to 2mm
- Accuracy: 0,1μm
- Measuring distance: 5mm
- Visualization via 7" monitor
Year of manufacture: 2016

Antiblock bath + drying: MEAF,Year of construction: 2016
Foil storage: MEAF,Year of construction: 2016

Film winder: MEAF
- 02-2mm thickness possible
- Automatic cross cutter for cutting the film during the reel change
- Slow, manual reel change due to the upstream film accumulator
- Pneumatic expansion shafts for 76mm and 152mm cores
- max. roll diameter: 1200mm
- max. roller weight: 1100kg
year of manufacture: 2016
Other specifications:
Complete documentation:
- Instruction manuals
- Mechanical drawings and parts lists
- parameter lists
- Circuit diagrams
- terminal diagrams
Plant is still assembled and ready for operation

Consumption MEAF calendar 96KW

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