EREMA, SML Vacurema RGA 100 TE VSV - SML GM 1050/25 2002 技术参数

片材挤出设备 EREMA, SML

二手 EREMA, SML Vacurema RGA 100 TE VSV - SML GM 1050/25 技术参数

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生产年份: 2002


状态: 待售



薄膜宽度(最大): 800 mm

薄膜厚度(最小): 0.2 mm

薄膜厚度(最大): 0.9 mm



·模头: Cloeren


卷辊直径: 400 mm


倒带卷直径: 1200 mm


Input material: PET bottle grinded material with approximately constant viscosity IV, grinder, clean, dry and pre-mixed, max. 0.8%.moisture, free from PVC

Flat film mono-extrusion line EREMA Vacurema RGA 100 TE-VSV + SML Model GM 1050/25

Brand: EREMA, Model: Vacurema RGA 100 TE-VSV,Year of manufacture EREMA: 2002
Year of manufacture SML: 2002

Other specifications:
Mixing silo: 2 pcs. Trimec, Type: MV 20
Metal separator: S+S, Type: Rapid Compact 200
Vacuum feeding system: Koch (single components in modular system), Type: 4050D
- Mixer Type V60x
- Hopper Type Z60
- Material separator type A50d
- Safety filter type Sa3
- Compact feeder type 608
Dosing unit: Koch,Type: Dosing control unit type MCm, 2-component system, expandable to 4-components
Vacuum reactor: EREMA,Type: VACUREMA 100TE-VS,Reactor drive: WEG,Type: 280S/M-6
Vacuum unit reactor: EREMA/Scheuch,Type: frup 560-02/04-1,2,
Roots vacuum unit (reactor): Kaeser,Type: WVC 2500 + WVC 800,Vacuum pump (reactor): Speck,Type: V430,Year of manufacture: 2017
Process water treatment: EREMA,Type: BWAB 1000
Extruder drive: WEG,Type: 280S/M-4,Extruder gearbox: Eisenbeis,Type: EG 250N
Screw: EREMA,Type: RM 100 TE
Vacuum unit extruder: EREMA
Type: 2-chamber degassing system
Roots vacuum unit (extruder): Kaeser,Type: WVC 360,Vacuum pump (extruder): Speck,Type: VH 180
Screen changer: EREMA,Type: SW 4/134 RTF
Melt pump: Extrex,Type: SP 56-4 SX
Die head: Cloeren,Type: 950mm Epoch V

Die polishing line: SML Type: GM 1050/25
- Roll width: 1050mm
- 3 rollers with 400 x 1050mm

Edge trimming system: Slittec,Type: 55KA207552,- 3-knife system,Year of manufacture: 2012
anti-blocking bath + drying: SML

Film winder: STF
- 2 winding stands with 2 spindles each
- tension shafts for 76mm and adapter for 152mm cores
- max. roll diameter: 1200mm
- max. roll weight: 1000kg
year of construction: 2005

Complete documentation:
- Operating manuals
- Mechanical drawings and parts lists
- parameter lists
- Circuit diagrams
- terminal diagrams
Plant is still assembled and ready for operation

Power requirement for SML 115kW


保修: 无保修

运作情况: 不能运转。带产品状态可见




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