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Used 8 Colours CI Flexo Printing Machines: COMEXI FW1508 of 2014

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 8 Colours CI Flexo Printing Machines - COMEXI - FW1508

Data Sheet of Used COMEXI FW1508

Ref. : 300041474


Year: 2014

Other Specifications:

Being used by us on our regular basis and running consistently between 300- 350 m/min

Suitable for printing on:

LDPE 20 - 150 microns
LLDPE 12 - 150 microns
HDPE 10 - 150 microns
BOPP 12 - 60 microns
PET 12 - 50 microns
OPA 15 - 50 microns
CAST PP 20 - 70 microns
Laminates up to 150 microns
Paper 40-80 gsm

Thickness of printing plates and of adhesive for the plate: 1.14 mm & 0.5 mm
Central drum diam. 1556 mm
Drying system type: Oil heating or Electrical Heating
Mechanical speed: 400 m/min
Unwinder type : Turret
Max Reel Diameter 1000 mm.
Air Shaft 76 mm & 152 mm
Tension control - Motorized
Rewinder type: Turret
Max Reel Diameter 1000 mm.
Air Shaft 76 mm & 152 mm
Tension control - Motorized
BST edge guiding system before printing section
BST edge guiding system before rewinding section
AVT Jupiter web inspection: AVT is Operating on defect detection mode. It measns that whatever defects we have programmed in system it detects by flashing strobe on the printed film and shows on the screen .

Doctor blades quantity: 10 Nos + 04 Extra
Ink pumps : x 12, Pneumatic
Viscosimeters : x 8
Availability of self- cleaning system
Availability of thermostat for CI

Corona treater: type & power: IEEC
Length register Automatic
Side register by synchronous motors. Remote controlled, including one set of push-buttons on the printing stations and one set on web viewing end.
The register positions can be memorized for repeat jobs.
Adjustment: +/-7.5 mm.

Availability of pre- register:
Computerized setting of Print Decks
The following parameters are introduced through the touch-screen
at the start of the order:
- Print decks selection.
- Print repeat.
- Web thickness.
The computer calculates theoretical coordinates for each micrometric shaft. If it is a repeated job, the computer recalls memorized coordinates.
Racking and adjustments of print stations are made through high precision ball feeding screws and motors, with closed loop refeeding.
One multiturn absolute encoder directly fitted to the screw ensures position control.
Print adjustments are independent on each deck and are carried
out by means of:
- Two portable consoles placed on printing stations.
- One console placed in viewing area.
- The command impulse is 0.005 mm.
The system features automatic pressure increase when the press speed goes up. The operator can reprogram parameters if required.
Availability of refrigerating unit for cooling cylinder
Common Utility

Accesories and spare parts:

Biefebbi Plate Mounting Machine
Ultrasonic Anilox cleaning machine
Co2 Flooding System
Plate Cleaning Machine ,
Material Handling Trolley,

Type of Anilox Core : Carbon fiber.
Anilox Core Diameter : 156.088 mm
Anilox Sleeve Outer Diameter : 178.253 mm.
Quantity : 14 nos: 100 – 400 LCM
Plate/Sleeves cylinder: number and measurements

Type of Sleeve Core : Carbon core.
Sleeve Core Diameter : 143.42 mm
Quantity : 152 nos (08 Nos X 19 Sets)
410 mm , 425 mm ,440 mm , 450mm, 465 mm ,480 mm 490 mm , 500 mm , 510 mm , 525 mm, 528 mm , 540 mm , 550mm , 560mm , 570 mm, 585 mm , 600 mm, 625 mm, 690 mm

Installed power: ATEX 100, 482A
Connected Load (KW): 136
Rated Power (KW): 327
Control Voltage: 230/24 V, Cable: 2*3*150 Sq mm+GND

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