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Used machine: PET labelling machine PE - FUTURA TOP 16T/1120/3S-3E

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PET labelling machine - PE - FUTURA TOP 16T/1120/3S-3E

Data Sheet of Used PE FUTURA TOP 16T/1120/3S-3E

Ref. : 300028573

Brand: PE

Year: 2008

Other Specifications:

- 0,50l Hot Melt wrap around paper or OPP labels, pre cutted
- 1,00l Cold glue for one front body, back body and neck label
- 1,50l Hot Melt wrap around paper or OPP labels, pre cutted
- 2,00l Hot Melt wrap around paper or OPP labels, pre cutted

Exchange parts for 0,5L, 1L, 1,5L and 2L bottles

1) Automatic system for speed variation according to containers flow.
2) Stopping device fitted before the spacing screw controlling the bottle storage in case of anomalous operation.
3) Electrical head height adjustment by means of geared motor controlled by pushbuttons and automatic stop of the head.
4) Bottle-plates carrousel with platforms rotation by means of oil bath cam and gears. The cam sector can be disassembled for the different bottle sizes.
5) Labelling station "hot-melt" - "cold glue" mounted on crossed guides allowing the axial and tangential adjustment according to the different diameters of the containers while the machine is running.
6) Machine controlled by “PLC Siemens S7-300” complete with panel view “Siemens TP277”.
7) Stainless steel column for panel view TP277 and controls fixed on the machine.
8) Safeties on: spacing screw, infeed/exit starwheels, emergency button.
9) Machine parts painted with protective priming and corrosion-proof paint. Standard colour P.E. grey RAL 9007.

10) Labelling station with fixed magazine and 2 tanks with heater for the glue up to 180°C. Label gluing on both ends for approx. 15 mm.

11) Labelling station with fixed magazine with partly rotary movement of the labels transfer pallets. Thermally treated and rectified shafts and sector gears. Everything in oil bath.
12) Automatic adjustment of glue film according to production speed.
13) Labelling stations with automatic insertion by means of push-buttons.
14) Glue pump on each labelling station.
15) Automatic cleaning of the grippers' roller.

- wraparound label length: 160 420 mm
- partial label length: 30 180 mm
- label height: 30 150 mm
- container diameter: 50 130 mm
- container height: 125 355 mm
or 225 455 mm

- closed conveyor box: 102 x 150 H mm
- installed power: 13 KW
- standard voltage: 400V +-10% 50/60 Hz 3F + N + PE
- controls: 24 V cc
- working pressure: 4 Bar
- air consumption: 4 MC/H
- pneumatic parts: Norgren
- motor: ABB
- reductor: Bonfiglioli
- automatic speed adjustment
- head Ø: 1120 mm
- n° platforms: 16
- machine pitch 219,9 mm
- starwheels Ø: 560 mm
- n° starwheel divisions 8

Production speed: 14.000 bph
Suitable for the application of:
- wrap-around hot melt label
- cold glue body label
- cold glue back label
- cold glue neck label

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