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Used Injection stretch blow moulding machines for PET bottles: AOKI SBIII-1000H-60 of 2002

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Injection stretch blow moulding machines for PET bottles - AOKI - SBIII-1000H-60

Data Sheet of Used AOKI SBIII-1000H-60

Ref. : 300036320

Brand: AOKI

Year: 2002

Other Specifications:


Year: Dec 2.002
Injection capacity cm3/shot 1335,6
Pump motor Kw 80
Heater (Barrel/HR) Kw 29/5

Number of cavities 1
Neck max Diam mm 150
Body Max Diam mm 300
Height Max mm 480

Compressor Group for Blower
1 x Complete set mold for 19 L (5 Gal) for PET bottles
1 x Complete Dryer System Motan LUXOR 50/80 Year 2.002
1 x Complete Mold Thermocontrol System COREMA Year 2.002

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