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Használt Agglomerator: PALLMANN PFV 250 2014

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Agglomerator - PALLMANN - PFV 250

Adatlap: használt PALLMANN PFV 250

Ref . : 300041695


Év: 2014

Egyéb adatok:

Production of free flowing granules from thermoplastic materials of all kind such as:
PE - PP - PS - PA - PET - PVC - ABS - XPS - PLA - Films - Fibers - Foams - Floor Coverings - Carpet - PET Bottles - Thermoformed Sheets
The machine has produced PP and HDPE.
Output material: Agglomerated pellet
Output : approx. 300 - 500 kg/h
Type of feed: With conveyor belt

Complete line with :
Conveyor belt with metal detector
Grinder type PS 4-7,5 F3/GS3 with suction system towards the agglomerator
Storage tank
Agglomerator PFV 250
Hot Granulator
Pellet separator
Double big-bagging
Control cabinet for all these parts.

Description of the equipment.

Conveyor belt with metal detector and material feed to the grinder :
Technical data: Length : 4400 mm
Width : 600 mm
Height : 200 mm
Speed : 0.2 m/s (approx.)
The motor is 1.1 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, protection class IP 55.

Grinder PALLMANN Model PS 4-7,5 F3/GS3 :
Feed opening: 400 x750 mm
Rotor diameter: 400 mm
Rotor length: 750 mm
Number of rows of blades: 3 rows
Rotor type: Guillotine GS3
Number of rows of rotor blades: 5 rows
Motor: 75 kW

Pneumatic extraction system type PAXA 1860 :
Designed for a transport height of 5 m and output of the material directly to the machine, consisting of
- High performance suction fan with 4 kW motor.
- Pipes with flanges, gaskets and fixing parts.
- Separator PZA 600 with tubular filter installation.

Storage tank PFST (0.75 m³) :
Made of welded sheet steel, equipped with a horizontal paddle stirrer and a discharge screw driven by a 2.2 kW frequency-controlled motor.
Supply tank with hinged sight glass, which can be raised to facilitate good cleaning of the tank.
With emptying and filling alarm.

Agglomerator Pallmann PFV 250 :
Diameter : 250 mm
Densifier tube pallets: 2 units
Number of cutting blades: 2
Motor: 75 kW

Hot granulator PALLMANN" MODEL PS-HG 400 x 500
Housing shape 590 with 2 rows of stator blades :
Inlet opening: 408 x 510 mm
Number of blades: 2
Rotor diameter: 400 mm
Rotor type: cross section SD 5
Number of rows of rotor blades: 5 rows
Number of rotor blades: 5
Length of rotor blades: 500 mm
Motor : 30 kW

Lifting pipe separator :
Welded sheet steel, suitable for separating the fine parts of the granulate, with sight glasses, with a fan 7 m³/min, motor 1,5 kW and fine return pipe to the agglomerator.
Suction pipe: As connection between the pellet classifier and the separator, with flanges, gaskets and fastening parts, comprising approx. 4 m of pipe and 1 elbow, as well as collection tank with connection bracket.
Separator PZA 500, with braking chamber, made of welded steel, with foot flange and suction fan of 25 m³/min, with 2 kW motor.
With 2 litre cast iron sluice wheel, removable with flanged gear motor 0.37 kW

Control cabinet (SPS - Execution) :
The control and command of the whole installation, includes all the control and connection devices, relays and fuses for all the motors, as well as an ammeter, an automatic blocking for the start and stop order and an automatic control of overload and temperature.

Pneumatic extraction system type PAXA 1500 with double Big-Bag packaging:
Provided for a transport height of 5 m and material outlet directly next to the machine, consisting of:
- High performance suction fan type MXE 025/25-30 with 4 kW motor.
- Pipes of 150 mm diameter, with flanges, gaskets and fixing parts.
- PZA 500 separator with tubular filter installation.
- Automated distribution gate for both big-bags.
- Support frame for the pneumatic exhaust and the big-bags, with filling sensors

The line has few working hours and is in perfect condition

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