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Použitý Stroj DAVIS STANDARD 2012 na prodej

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Ref. : 300043452

Technické Specifikace :

Ostatní Specifikace:


Machine composed of:
Main Unwinding with Splicing Unit
Corona Pull Roll Station 1
Primer Coater & Dryer
3 Extruders (with QSE Adapter, extrusion Down Pipe, Cloeren EBR Die, Gravimetrics 3+1)
Auxiliary Unwind with splicing unit shafted design
Edge Trim Razor Blade
Beta Thickness Gauge PROTAGON
Corona with Nip Station 3
Edge Trim Shear Cut Centre Slit&Spreader Roller
Automatic Splicer Two direction
Rewind Shafted Design

Typlcal substrates:
Paper:20 - 150 g/m2
Aluminium :6,35 - 25 µm
PE:40 -120 µm
BOPA: 15-50 µm
BOPET: 9 -50 µm (smooth and metallised)
BOPP: 15- 50 µm (smooth and metallised)
Nonwoven PP: optional

The extruder or extruders of the extrusion station are mounted on a motorized carriage. This carriage with a 3-way movement allows UP/DOWN,LEFT/RIGHT and IN/OUT travel.
The extruder carriage consists of:
guide frame 4 wheels.
Height adjustment traveldrive
Side adjustment
Control cabinets
Holder for cable carrier

Extruder A
Screw dlameter: 114.3mm (4.5 inches)
Screw length:30:1 LD
LDPE 540 kg/h
LLDPE 500 kg/h
HDPE 400 kg/h
PP 370 kg/h
EVA 350 kg/h
Surlyn 1652 300 kg/h

Extruder B
Screw diameter: 88.9mm (3.5 inches)
Screw length: 28:1 LD
Healing/coollng zones: 5
Extruder barral heating capacity per zone: 11 kW, Total 55 kW
Extruder drive: AC-Motor, 125 kW
Output, max
LDPE 250 kg/h
LLDPE 200 kg/h
HDPE 200 kg/h
PP 200 kg/h
Tie 200 kg/h
EVA 200 kg/h
EMAA 200 kg/h
Prepared for EVOH,max.,when taking a new barrier screw into account: 130kg/h
Surlyn 1652 150 kg/h

Extruder C
Screw diameter: 88.9mm (3.5 inches)
Screw length: 28:1 LD
Output, max
LDPE 250 kg/h
LLDPE 200 kg/h
HDPE 200 kg/h
PP 200 kg/h
Tie 200 kg/h
EVA 200 kg/h
EMAA 200 kg/h
Surlyn 1652 150 kg/h

Unwinder: 2 position
Turret type: 2 positlon
Roll change: 2 dlrectlons
Max. roll diameter: 2 X 1000 mm
Min.roll diameter for automatlc splice: 350 mm
Max. roll weight: approx.1500 kg
Core inside diameter: 6 inches
Weight llmitatlon wlth 3 inches cores
Core material: cardboard,steel or plastic
Core length:
Working width + 150 mm: 1350 mm
Core acceptance: shafted, alr chucks
Web tension: 50 - 500 N

Dimensions of guide frame: 3800 X 4460mm
Gauge: 2800mm
Electrtcal drive for travel:2 motors

Max. electrical-mechanical line speed: 300 m/min.
Max.production speed depending on process and output rate limitation: 300 m/min.
Threading speed: 5 m/min.
Automatic splice speed: Line Speed

Corona Pull Roll Station supplied by Cerutti
Corona treatment parts: supplied by ME.RO
- for treatment on one side
- 2 units each with: 6 ceramic electrodes
velocity sensor and air gap control ozone exhaust generator
Produktion speed, max. 300m/min
MateriaIs: BOPP, BOPET, Alu, PA, PE, Paper 20-150g/m2
Treatment width, max. 1250mm
Roll width, max. 1300mm
1 treatment roll, driven ceramic coated: 250mm diameter
1 nip mll (pressure roll), steel,rubber cover, 75 - 80 ºShore: 130mm diameter
2 idler rolls aluminlum: 150mm diameter

Zugstation CSI
Roll face width, max
1 treatment roll: 250 mm diameter

1nip/pressure roll 130 mm
75-80º Shore
pneumatically operated

Cooling Capacity Kcal/h
Chill roll (Laminator) : 220000
Pressure roll: 12000
Back-up roll: 15000
Take-off roll: 9000

Extruder A: 9000
Extruder B: 7800
Extruder C: 7800

Cooling Roll CSI: 12000
Chill Roll 2+3

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