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Used HUSKY HyPET400 P120/130 E140 of 2005 for sale

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Injection moulding machine for PET preforms - HUSKY - HyPET400 P120/130 E140

Data Sheet of Used HUSKY HyPET400 P120/130 E140

Ref. : 300039899

Brand: HUSKY

Year: 2005

Other Specifications:

HUSKY Injection molding machine HyPET400 for production of PET-preform

Type of Machine: HyPET400P120/130 E140 (30:1)
- Injection Unit: P120/130 E140 (YOM: 11/2005)
- Clamping Unit: HyPET400PET (YOM 11/2005)
- Robot: SP400 (YOM: 11/2005)
- Working hours on the counter: 18.862,61 hours

- Air-conditioned Cabin: Piovan RPA2400 (Year of production: 2005)
- Dryer: Piovan DP629 (Year of production: 2005)
- Hopper of Dryer: Piovan TN7500 (Year of production: 2005)
- Loader of Raw material: Piovan F416/2 (Year of production: 2005)
- Soft Drop System & Conveyor: MB Conveyors (Year of production:2005)
- Mould (1760891 cycles) for PET-preforms weight: 36,0 g weight, 96 cavities, Neck PCO-1810

The line can be inspected in production and is immediately available

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