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Használt REIFENHÄUSER T 2200.2 ADVANCED 2010 eladása

Co-extrudáló gépsorok REIFENHÄUSER

Adatlap: használt REIFENHÄUSER T 2200.2 ADVANCED

Ref . : 300042523

Műszaki Adatok:

anyagok: PA EVOH, LLDPE, LDPE, Metallocene

Film Szélesség (Max): 2200 mm

kimeneti kapacitás: 480 kg/h

Number Of Extruders: 7

rétegek: 7

Rewind Unit Type:Back to back

Egyéb adatok:

7 layers line for Barrier Film

A (outer) Extruder 70-30
- barrier screw
- number of heating zones: 5
- screw diameter: 70 mm
screw length: 30:L/D
B Extruder 60-30
- barrier screw
number of heating zones: 5
- screw diameter: 60 mm
- screw length:30:1 L/D
C Extruder 60-30
- barrier screw
- number of heating zones: 5-
- screw diameter: 60 mm
- screw length: 30:1 L/D
D Extruder 60-30
- barrier screw
- number of heating zones: 5
- screw diameter 60 mm
- screw length: 30:1 L/D
E Extruder 60-30
- barrier screw
- number of heating zones: 5
- screw diameter 60 mm (2,4")
- screw length: 301 L/D
F Extruder 60-30
- barrier screw
- number of heating zones: 5
- screw diameter: 60 mm
- screw length: 301 L/D
G Extruder 70-30
- barrier screw
- number of heating zones:5
- screw diameter: 70 mm
- screw length: 30:1L/D

G extruder screw-rechanged in 2020. Rest all changed in 2017 and running.

Vacuum-Suction Blower Type XL - 600 for a Vacuum-Suction System

Extruder A: 1+4
Extruder B: 1+2
Extruder C: 1+2
Extruder D: 1+2
Extruder E: 1+2
Extruder F: 1+2
Extruder G: 1+4

Supply Cabinet for the connection of the customer supplied main electrical supply line and the distribution of the power supply to scope of supply" including the distribution to each component supplied by Reifenhauser Kiefel max rated current 800 A
Adapters, for connection of extruders and seven-layer blown film die head 350/550-7

7-layer die head for die diameters from 350 mm - 550 mm (Die Head needs to be chromed due to usage)
- prepared for IBC installation with temperature controls with wear-free solid state relays number ofheating, zones: 10
Moveable Die Cart with height adjustable feet

Die Insert. Set for die diameter of 550 mm
- with inner gap ring heating for the reduction of melt fracture (LLDPE) for 7- layer die head 350/550-7 die gap: 2.0 mm (0,070 Internal Bubble Cooling System
- one supply blower and one exhaust air blower

Ultrasonic Bubble Control- for control of bubble diameter with
- 3 ultrasonic sensors mounted on the calibration cage arms for contact-less measurement of the bubble diameter automatic fine control of the inner bubble air exchange via a.high speed stepping motor controlled valve with blower setpoint tracing

Air Ring Insert : Dual lip Venturi insert for LLDPE/LDPE "low stalk production" for the diameter of 550mm

Calibration Cage Type NI 2200- C for layflat widths of maximum 2200 mm
- motorized diameter adjustment
- motorized height adjustment
- adjustable guiding arms
- min. layflat width: half layflat width of take-off
- including Ultrasonic-Web break detector

Profile Measurement System 2200
Radiomeric profile measurement systems situated after the take off for a maximum web width of 2200mm

Width measurement 2200 for display of layflat width

Reversing Take-off T 2200.2
- reversing take-off with:
- AC Vector drive
- smooth start-up at turning point - collapsing frame with:
- motorized adjustment
- manual adjustment at entrance to the nip rolls - carbon fiber rollers
- nip roll assembly consisting of 1 rubber-coated roller and 1 steel roller
- web turning bar system with:
- 2 horizontal reversing and anodized air turning bars -. rotating web turning.bars for easier start-up
- maximum layflat width: 2200 mm - minimum tayftat width: 1100 mm
- max. speed 130 m/min

Corona Treater- for two-Sided treatment of tubular film maximum layflat width:2200 mm
- Generator: 5 kW
- maximum content of slip: 600 ppm*
- maximum mechanical winding speed:.120 m/min*
- maximum surface tension: 44-46 mN /m*(directly after treatment)
*actual production speed and maximum treatment level dependent on actual acceptance trials recepies

Edge Fold Slitter 2200 for air supported opening of tubular film, including 2 edge fold slitting knifes with special cbating to avoid scratches
Edge Trim Slitting Station 2200 situated in secondary nip roll assembly with 2 longitudinal slitters

Film Winder S-2200
automatic two station contact winder with operator console integrated into electrical cabinet each winder includes:
- linear knife for transverse web severing
- winding shaft magazine for 2 winding shafts
- AC drive
- programmable controller electrical and hydraulic components mounted behind winder side guards
- maximum layflat width: 2200 mm web tension range.40 - 250 N
- suitable for winding shafts: 70 & 152 mm (3" & 6")
- max. weight for winding. shafts including core 100 kg
- maximum mecanical roll diameter: 1200 mm
(multi-web see winding shaft load chart)

Edge Trim and Multi-Web Slitting Station 2200

Tower included

Spare parts

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