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Data Sheet of Used

Ref. : 300030082


Year: 2010

Other Specifications:

Complete continuous tunnel pasteurizing line with formpack and multihead weight system.
The line was installed new in August 2010 and is today used to make precooked potatoes and ready meals. The pasteurizer can also be used for glass jars, bottled/canned beverages.

Scale: Multihead scale Sabalpack MT14 TB4L with 14 heads.

Formpack machine: Ilpra F1 with three different formats. Today its packed products from 450 gram to 4000 grams. It’s equipped with a sauce filling machine from Fillflex, central lubrication and one extra vacuum pump.

Facts pasteurizer:
Capacity ready meals/precooked: up to 1200 kg/hour
Heating: combined water bath and spray nozzles. Very well insulated. Today heated via heat exchanger from steam, can easily be changed to other types of heating.
Cooling: two steps, first with spray nozzles on a belt conveyor and a second step in “ice water”. Mechanical cooling system is included.
Complete blending station for sauces is also included.

Machine description and information

1. Pump tank, stainless steel
Dimensions: 1250 x 765 x 975 (l x w x h) mm

2. Pump for whole potatoes, cast iron NEW Nov 2006
Hidrostal E05K-H
Motor: 11 kW, 1445 min-1
, 400V, 50Hz, thermo-contact in lining (frequency control)

3. Hydro-Cutter Knife Block NEW Nov 2006
For 6 segments, orifice 50,8mm
Unit easily exchanged to straight tube 104/100 by Victaulic-clamps

4. Dewatering Sieve, stainless steel

5. Buffer tank, elevator discharge, stainless steel, LIMAS
Dimensions: 3160/1750 x 1500 x 3850 (l x w x h) mm
Discharge height: appr. 3275mm
Volume: appr. 6000 litre
Motor: 0,37 kW

6. Roller Inspection table, stainless steel, plastic rolls
Dimensions: 2450 x 700/595 x 985 (l x w x h) mm
Motor: 0,37kW

7. Pump tank, stainless steel
Dimensions: 1250 x 800 x 940 (l x w x h) mm

8. Pump for whole potatoes to repeel, cast iron
Hidrostal D100L-L
Motor: 2,2kW

9. Dewatering Sieve, stainless steel
Dimensions: 1500 x 260 x 800 (l x w x h) mm
For potatoes to repeel

10. Former slicer, Urshel E-TransSlicer Cutter

11. Elevator Z-shape, stainless steel, plastic modules NEW Mar 2012
Dimensions: 4375 x 500/400 x 3830 (l x w x h) mm
Motor: 0,55kW
With blower
Motor: 1,1kW
Pasteurizing Line 2013-01-29/IN

12. Cutter for slices, cubes and strips, cast iron
Hällde RG1
Dimensions: 700 x 440 x 900 (l x w x h) mm
Motor: 1,5kW

13. Weighing unit from Sabalpack consisting of NEW Aug 2010
Dimensions: 4435 x 3660 x (l x w x h) mm
- Z-shape elevator, stainless steel, plastic modules, charge height 2275mm
- Feed conveyor
- Arrow-14T Multihead Weigher, 4 litre bucket capacity
- Stand
- Platform with bucket washing
Power installed: 5kW

14. Thermoformer, Ilpra Formpack F1, NEW Aug 2010
Dimensions: 4775 x 1125 x 4945 (l x w x h) mm
Die set (mm):
- 380/300/60-100 Ext width/Ext step/Depth, Trays/cycle = 1
- 190/300/60-100 Ext width/Ext step/Depth, Trays/cycle = 2
- 190/150*2/60-100 Ext width/Ext step/Depth, Trays/cycle = 4
Power installed: 15kW
Printer, Apsolute V1

15. Vacuum pump for Thermoformer
Motor: 7,5 kW

16. Spare vacuum pump for Thermoformer
Motor: 7,5 kW
Sauce preparation room with:

17. Tank with agitator, stainless steel
Dimensions: ø1100 x 900mm
Volume: 600 litre
Motor: 0,37kW

18. Pump, impeller style, stainless steel/neoprene NEW Aug 2012
Motor: 0,37kW

19. Tank with mixer, stainless steel NEW Jan 2010
Dimensions: ø515 x 1475mm
Volume: 80 litre
Motor: 1,5kW
Pasteurizing Line 2013-01-29/IN

20. Pump, centrifugal style NEW Jan 2010
Alfa Laval GM1
Motor: 0,55kW

21. Tank with agitator, stainless steel
Dimensions: ø1100 x 900mm
Volume: 500 litre
Motor: 5,5kW

22. ------

23. Pump, rotary lobe style, stainless steel
Motor: 1,1kW

24. Tank with agitator and cooling, stainless steel
Dimensions: ø1100 x 1200mm
Volume: 600 litre
Motor: 0,55kW

25. Pump, eccentric worm style, stainless steel
Flux F 550 S-50/21
Motor: 0,75kW

26. Sauce dosing apparatus NEW Jul 2012
Motor: appr. 0,55kW

27. Portable mixer for roots, plastic/painted mild steel NEW Apr 2012
IMER Syntesi 140
Filling volume: 100 litre
Motor: 0,37kW, 1-phase
Metering screw with hopper, stainless steel NEW Apr 2012
Dimensions: ø180 x 1400mm
Motor: 0,12 kW, thermo-contact in lining (frequency control)

28. Timing belt conceyor from Ilpra, stainless steel NEW Aug 2010
Dimensions: 655 x 430 (l x w) mm
Motor: appr 0,25kW
Pasteurizing Line 2013-01-29/IN

29. Pasteurizer, stainless steel, fully insulated NEW Aug 2010
- Belt width 3000mm (3025 between inner sidewalls)
- Operational length 15565mm
- Operational area 46,7m²
- Infeed height 925mm
- Discharge height 930mm
- Total width main machine 3705mm
- Width overall 3950mm (incl. piping etc.)
- Length overall 17710mm
- Height overall in operation main machine 1640mm
- Height overall in service main machine 2595mm
- Height overall in operation (incl. valves etc.) 2000mm
- Water volume at 10°C and 24 mm above belt 7475 litre
- Heat exchanger PN16
- Recommended steam pressure 8bar
- All steam valves, water circulation pumps, valves etc mounted on right hand side from inlet
- Infeed conveyor motor: appr. 0,37kW
- Conveyor motor: 0,25kW
- Circulation pump 1: 7,5 kW
- Circulation pump 2: 7,5 kW
Capacities for products with sauce:
- Gratin 3,5kg, 900kg/h
- Gratin 2*1,8kg, 865kg/h
- Cubes with dill 2*1,8kg, 845kg/h
- Strips 2*1,8kg, 770kg/h
- Gratin 4*0,8kg, 825kg/h
- Cubes with dill 4*0,8kg, 750kg/h
- Strips 4*0,8kg, 800kg/h
Capacities for products without sauce
- Precooked potatoes 1000kg/h
- Sliced precooked potatoes 1200kg/h

30. Cooling conveyor, spray type, stainless steel/plastic modules
Dimensions: 5365 x 3180/2975 x 1475 (l x w x h) mm
Infeed height: 920mm
Discharge height: 1100mm
Motor: 0,12kW
Circulation pump, Ebara 3P-40-160/4,0
Motor: 4kW
Pasteurizing Line 2013-01-29/IN

31. Cooling tank with conveyor, stainless steel
- Belt width 3040mm
- Operational length 6600mm
- Operational area 20m²/layer
- Infeed height 890mm
- Discharge height 1130mm
- Total width main machine 3120mm
- Width overall 4100mm (incl. piping etc.)
- Length overall 7600mm
- Height overall in operation main machine 1130mm
- Height overall in operation (incl. valves etc.) 2000mm
- Water volume at 50 mm below top of tank (incl. pipe system and heat exchanger) 7640 litre
- Conveyor motor: 0,37kW
- Circulation pump: 4kW

32. Collection conveyor, stainless steel/plastic modules
Dimensions: 4550 x 600/500 x 300 (l x w x h) mm
Motor: 0,37kW

33. Fan for item no. 35
Motor: 1,5kW

34. Air knife
For drying of packages.

35. Rotary table
Dimension: ø1500mm
Motor: 0,12kW

36. Pack table, stainless steel
Dimension: appr. 1250 x 500mm

37. Roller conveyor, undriven
Dimension: 1000 x 400mm

38. Case sealer
Dimension: 910 x 470
Power installed: 0,1kW

39. Roller conveyor, undriven
Dimension: 3300 x 350mmLabel printing apparatus

40. Pallet Wrapping Machine
Power installed: 0,6kW
Pasteurizing Line 2013-01-29/IN

41. Plate Heat Exchanger
APV Type H17, Dwg 1273 1078-1, rev 02
Two sections in one stand
Section 1 is used for item no. 31
On the cold side today, river water
Section 2 is used for item no. 32
On the cold side PG33

42. Circulation pump for PG33 NEW Aug 2010
Grundfos TP 50-120/2 with RUUE sealing.
Motor: 0,75 kW

43. Cooling machine NEW Aug 2010
AERMEC NRL 0350Y°°E°°°04
Cooling capacity: 59,37kW @ 30°C dry bulb temperature
Input power: 19,88kW
Brine pump: 1,5kW
Heat recovery built in

44. Spare cooling machine
Carrier 30GZ035 (probably)
Cooling capacity: 65kW @ 28°C dry bulb temperature
Input power: 25,4kW

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