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Použitý Stroj EREMA 1108 TVE PLUS 2013 na prodej

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Záznamový List Použitý Stroj EREMA 1108 TVE PLUS

Ref. : 300041860

Rok: 2013

Značka: EREMA

postavení: Na prodej

Dodací lhůta:

Technické Specifikace :

šroub Průměr: 80 mm

výstupní kapacita: 450 kg/h

odplynění System:Yes

Motor Rating: 110 kW

Type Of Die Head:Die-face

Suitable For Processing (Material): PP, Filaments

Last Material Recycled: PP, LDPE, HDPE


Manufacturer: Erema

Ostatní Specifikace:

End of February can be picked up

For Post consumer Film Recycling

In current factory production analysis:
Works 3 weeks a month so 75%
Work with scrap comming from the producers of plastic so no post consumption market only clean material
Processed plastics: PP, LDPE, HDPE
Operation: regularly, currently in operation
Screws: 3 pieces (PO-screew) with and without barrier, plus spare parts
Regular maintenance and servicing with replacement of wearing parts, replacement of the screw

Machine composition and accessories:

E_CONTROL;Complete electrical control system included.
Conveyor belt FB_6000_900_SH
For the feeding of loose material.
Feed hopper in stainless steel design.

Dust and sound insulation tunnels
Automatic control via the EREMA main unit
Drive: AC motor with gearbox
belt: 6000 x 900 mm equipped with cleats
Design: Metal-free zone prepared for metal detector

Double-lawyer metal detector
Special EREMA design for applications within the Recycling area
Spool passage: 1100 x 400 mm
Detection: All metals
Technology: Digital
Alarm: optical + acoustic

Band stop for metal detection

1 volumetric masterbatch dosing unit DMB_30_VOL
For dosing of masterbatch.
Incl. automatic feed hopper (suction feed system).
Volumetric, start-stop
Dosage: 0-30 kg/h*.
Suction front system: 1,3 kW
*The smallest possible dosage depends on the application.

1 EREMA processing unit E_1108_TVEplus

The patented EREMA cutter compactor ensures optimum material preparation for the extruder:
The pre-heated material enables efficient cutting action and a tilted extruder length. This reduces the thermal load and shearing. Dynamic 3D mixing enables hot
Material with uniform temperature, large surface area for perfect drying and degassing and high bulk density for optimal extruder feeding
Compensation of variations in feeding in terms of quantity, debris weight, temperature and coarseness. Maximum screw filling degree through continuous feeding with hot, compacted material.

Patented TVEpIus® design:
Rigid filtration performance: Reduced shear before
Melt filter, no additional comminution of crushed material
impurities. Double degassing after the melt filter: Impurities are removed before degassing.
Including shock sensor, cutting compressor Energy-
management, melt pressure measuring device and melt temperature measuring device
Liquid-cooled bimetallic extruder barrel Cutting compressor: 0 1100 mm stainless
Extruder screw: 0 80 mm 3S single screw technology
cutting compressor motor: 90 kW frequency controlled
extruder motor: 110 kW frequency controlled

Infeed slide - manually adjustable INS_MAN_070_90
The feed slide enlarges or reduces the size of the extruder feed opening and allows maximum flexibility when using materials with different rubble densities.

1 upgrade: electric infeed slide INS_EL_SURCHARGE
Electrical system for feed gate

Extraction system SAS_1500
Patented additional technology for the EREMA cutter compactor.
Moisture and dust extraction, consisting of:
- Suction ring on the cutter compactor bonnet
- Blower and piping
- Frequency converter for exhaust fan
- Cyclone with separator tank
- Filter bags for cyclone

EREMA backflush filter SW4_134_RTF
Patented EREMA filter system for thermoplastics for a finely filtered end product. Fully automatic, efficient and reliable
Number of screens: 4
Screen diameter: 134 mm
Active total screen area: 564 cm'.
Hydraulically operated

Two filters allow for easy and quick screen changes without interrupting production.
Low maintenance due to innovative piston scraper ring. Low energy consumption thanks to EREMA ecoSAVE

Hot Die face pelletising HG_154D
Hot die face pelletising with Direct Drive Technology

A constant melt flow due to the ring-shaped Melt channels allows a constant, uniform granule shape. A thin film of water allows
best possible cooling without direct contact of the cooling water to the perforated plate.
Drive: Patented AC Direct Drive
Blade contact pressure: Automatically adjustable - pneumatic
perforated plate: 1 included
cutter head: 1 included
Perforated plate of hardened steel, long-term nitrided >1000 HV.

1 Granulate dewatering vibration screen GS_1510
New granulate dewatering screen with large draft
dimensioned drying screen and integrated
Heat exchanger. Surfaces in stainless steel or aluminium. Extended water basin with easy to changing filter screen and new pump suction filter.

- Easy cleaning without stopping production
- Simple installation and removal of the screens
- Quick replacement of the intake filter

Water pump WPS_100
Consisting of:
- Water pump
- Heat exchanger
- Control valve

Granulate transport system PTS_5_I
Granulate transport up to 5 m long

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