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Used Single screw repelletizing line: EREMA Intarema 1007 TVEplus of 2015

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Single screw repelletizing line - EREMA - Intarema 1007 TVEplus

Data Sheet of Used EREMA Intarema 1007 TVEplus

Ref. : 300042459

Brand: EREMA

Year: 2015

Other Specifications:

Conveyor belt FB_6000_900_SH with Double Layer All Metal Detector MT2_900_DTR110H40
Automatic control via EREMA main unit.
Drive: AC motor with gearbox
Belt: 6000 x 900 mm equipped with cleats

Intarema I_1007_TVEplus
Patented TVEplus® design - melt filtration takes place upstream of extruder degassing: melting with minimum shearing impact, enhanced filter performance, greater homogenisation efficiency, efficient triple degassing
Including shock sensor, cutter/compactor energy management, melt pressure indicator, melt temperature indicator and air/water heat exchanger for control cabinet
Liquid cooled bimetal extruder-cylinder
Cutter/compactor: Ø 1000mm, stainless steel
Extruder Screw: Ø 70mm single screw; 3S-technology
Main drives:
Cutter Compactor motor: 75 kW
Extruder motor: 90 kW, frequency controlled

Heat Exchanger for Control Cabinet EHX_000_063
Automatic water/air heat exchanger for perfect control cabinet encapsulation and overtemperature protection

Input Slider - Manual Setting INS_MAN_70_80
The input slider increases or reduces the extruder infeed opening and ensures maximum flexibility for handling different bulk densities

Powered Exhaust System SAS_1500
Patented additional technology for the EREMA cutter/ compactor.
Moisture and dust reduction system, consisting of:
Suction ring at the cutter compactor
Suction fan and connection pipes
AC inverter for fan motor
Cyclone with deposit tank
Filter bags for cyclone

Water System for Vacuum Pump BWB_500_S
Screening system 150 µm (100 mesh)
Water pump: 0,18 kW (at 50 Hz)
Water tank: 420 l stainless
Tubular heat exchanger: Stainless steel

EREMA Backflush Filter SW_4_104_RTF
Two carrier pistons allow fast filter screen replacement without interrupting production.
Hydraulically operated, incl. backflush counting device
Number of filter screens: 4
Screen diameter: 104 mm
Active screen surface: 340 cm²

Set Die Face Pelletising System SET_HGU_82_1510_W1_350_M3 consisting of:
Hot Die Face Pelletizer HG_82D
Hot die face Cutter with Direct Drive technology
Pellet Dewatering Screen GS_1510
Water Pump Station WPS_100
Pellet Drying Centrifuge GZ_350_M3
Layout: Vertical, counter-flow, 350 mm diameter drying unit
Drive: 3 kW AC (at 50 Hz)

Pellet Transport System PTS_8_I_FG

Bag Fill Unit PZK_1STOP_BAG

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