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Used Single screw repelletizing line: EREMA 1512 TE of 2017

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Single screw repelletizing line - EREMA - 1512 TE

Data Sheet of Used EREMA 1512 TE

Ref. : 300045354

Brand: EREMA

Year: 2017

Other Specifications:

This Intarema 1512 TE has been delivered mid December 2017 and the start-up of this plant was end January 2018. So the line is just 5 years old and ran 24/7.
This machine ran LD-PE film production waste. The goal was unprinted material but at the end the machine run heavy printed film, which lead to a screw wear and brake in Aril/Mai 2022. The line did not ran production for 2 months.
The Intarema received new gearbox and the existing screw was locally refurbished. A new cylinder and new screw are on site, as well as the gearbox refurbished. (so including the deal there are for € 100.000 Euro on spare parts )

Processed material / Throughput

Polymer: LDPE 650 - 800 kg/h
Material: Castfilm, Blown film; Origin of material: Prod. waste offline (producer), Industrial waste (recycler); Shape of material:Pieces
Contamination: Slightly printed, Clean

Polymer: PP 650 - 850 kg/h
Material: Castfilm; Origin of material: Industrial waste (recycler), Prod. waste offline (producer); Shape of material: Pieces
Contamination: Slightly printed, Clean

Cutter/compactor: Ø 1500mm, stainless steel
Extruder screw: Ø 120mm single screw 3S-technology
Extruder motor: 200 kW frequency controlled

Touch control panel

Start/stop control
Automatic load detector
Automatic feed supervision
Automatic extruder speed control
Pelletiser control via extruder

Pelletiser speed control via mass pressure

Volumetric Masterbatch Doser
Working principle: Volumetric, start-stop
Dosing rate: 3-120 kg/h

EREMA Backflush Filter
Customer supplied BrittAs Filter in Stand Alone execution.
Screen surface 570 cm².

Melt Pressure Device
Measuring and monitoring the melt pressure. Overpressure stop for machine protection.

Hot die face Cutter with Direct Drive technology
Pellet Dewatering Screen
Water Pump Station
Pellet Drying Centrifuge

BrittAs with accumulator, complete

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