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Used machine: Thermoformer GEISS - DU1500T7

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Thermoformer - GEISS - DU1500T7

Data Sheet of Used GEISS DU1500T7

Ref. : 300039374

Brand: GEISS

Year: 1996

Other Specifications:

max. forming area 1455 x 955 mm
max. sheet size 1.500 x 1.000 mm
min. forming area 440 x 350 mm
min. sheet size 485 x 405 mm
max. sheet thickness : 10 mm with hand loading
depth of mold 750 mm without heater bottom, 550 mm with heater bottom

Top heater 11x 10 Quartz elements, adjustable per element
pyrometer (temperature sensor)
bottom 6 x 9 heater quartz, adjustable per element
flexible window frame
locking of upper reduction frames automatically by pneumatic motors
locking of lower reduction frames by pneumatic cylinders
temperature connection tubes for upper/lower clamping frame
pre-blow function adjustable
mould release function adjustable
pre-vacuum function adjustable
vacuum regulation via monitor
automatic mold changing system

Bottom forming table:
aluminum with connection for water cooling with a temperature controller
vacuum locking for molds
tool vacuum locking
table up/down speed adjustable
front door for easy mold changing
Plug assist:
quick tool clamping
vacuum function
motorized height adjustment
plug up/down speed adjustable

Output: 61 KW
Current: 84 Amp
Heater power: 59 KW
Nominal 240/415 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Weight: 50 KN

Vacuum pump Gardner Denver

AVAILABLE: 2019, week 13/14

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