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Used Thermoformer: KIEFEL KMD 78 speed of 2014

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Thermoformer - KIEFEL - KMD 78 speed

Data Sheet of Used KIEFEL KMD 78 speed

Ref. : 300040153


Year: 2014

Other Specifications:

2 stations: forming and cutting // One empty station // One stacking station
An empty station: because the take-back cutting station was not purchased, the owner has adapted specific systems for his parts (it will be dismantled)
The existing empty station allow to add ejection or small punching functions with pneumatic cylinders for some products.
If it is not used, the parts simply pass through the area and it takes one or two more steps before reaching the stacking station.

Automatic thermoforming machine by compressed air
Vacuum + forming air (between 6 and 7 bar of air in the box above the mould)

Materials: PS, OPS, EPS, PP, PE, PVC, A-PET, C-PET
Working hours : 15900
Min-max forming area: 380x270 // 760x540
Max. tool size: 780x560
Max. tool weight per table: 400kg
Max. tool block weight: 700kg
Height of the formed parts: 150mm
Depth of the formed parts: 150mm
Stroke upper/lower table: 170mm
Sheet thickness: 0.2-1.8mm
Width of the sheet max: 810mm
Closing power (forming station) 300 kN
Cutting power : 600 kN
Stacking height: 300mm
Max. working speed dry cycle : 60 cycles/min

Unwinder KA83
70mm diameter shaft
Pneumatic lifting device KA83PN 1000kg max
End of reel check for KA83

Stacker with servo-driven ejector, manual quick change, conveyor

Products manufactured with the machine:
- Egg boxes
- Dunnage Trays for technical parts

Working hours until 23/10/2020 : 17081

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