Used ILLIG RV74 of 1999 for sale

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Data Sheet of Used ILLIG RV74

Ref. : 300043300

Year: 1999

Brand: ILLIG

Status: For sale

Delivery time: Immediate

Technical Specifications:

Forming Area (Vxh): 700x500

Depth Of Draw: 120 mm

Material Thickness (Max): 2 mm

Number Of Stations: 3

Products Type:Container

Feeding Systems:Roll fed

Other Specifications:

3 stations : Forming - Cutting - Stacking

Min. forming area: 400x250mm
Material width min/max: 440-750mm
Height above/below film level: 120/40mm
Film reel diameter: 1200mm
Transport accuracy: +-0.2mm
Suction power of the vacuum pump: 200m3/hour
Connected electrical power of the upper/lower heater: 16.2 kW
Length of upper/lower heater: 1125mm
Film level: 1300mm
Max. speed: 20/min
Max. heat quantity to be evacuated: 30,000 kJ/h
Cross-section of the compressed air line: G1
Cooling water connection: G1/2
Air consumption/cycle: 35 NL
Machine weight: 2,600 kg

Cutting :
Cutting surface at upper/lower table: 700x500mm
height of the part to be cut above/below the film level: 120/40mm
Cutting force: 50,000 daN
Connected electrical power of the heater: 6.4kW
Max temperature of the hot plate: 200 degrees
Cooling capacity for heating: 15,000 kJ/h
Mounting height from tool to upper table max/min: 140/80mm
Mounting height from tool to lower table: 60mm
Power requirement: 3 kW
Weight of the machine: 4.000kg

Complete features forming machine + cutting :
Max speed : 20/min
Total electrical power with lower heater: 46kW
Total electrical power with lower heater and cutting heater: 52.4 kW
Total air consumption with max. stroke lengths: 35 NL
Min. operating pressure: 6 bar
Recommended compressor capacity (effective): 1200 NL/min.
Max. diameter of the waste reel (skeleton): 600mm
Weight of the machine: 6.600kg

Working hours : 47638

Other Details:

Guarantee: Without guarantee

Current condition: In Production

Availability: Immediate

Voltage: 400 V Triphase
Frequency: 50 Hz

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