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Used Thermoformer: ILLIG RV 53B of 1998

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Thermoformer - ILLIG - RV 53B

Data Sheet of Used ILLIG RV 53B

Ref. : 300044142

Brand: ILLIG

Year: 1998

Other Specifications:

Forming area: max. 500x350 mm, min. 300x100 mm
Height of forming above/below working level: 100/30 mm
Film width: max./min. 550/340 mm
Film thickness: max. min./max. 0,3/1,3 mm
Speed: 18 cycles/min depends on material
Pneumatic system for table and clamping frame
Plug assist
Bottom table in forming station is movable
Staking unit with push out function
Hours in production: 63345

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