Used Recycling plant PET-waste machines

Get on MachinePoint and explore our inventory of used Recycling plant PET-waste machines, their specifications and state of maintenance. Recycling plant PET-waste Herbold, Erema, Amut
 Brand - Model  Output Capacity  Water Consumption  Year


1000 kg/h2010

EREMA - Vacurema Advanced 1716 T

1500 kg/h2019


2000 kg/h2009

EREMA - Vacurema 2016T

1500 kg/h2006SOLD
HERBOLD  - MachinePoint

HERBOLD - 2010

The machine can be run in a semi continuous or a full continuous way. The machine has been modified to adapt to the bottle quality of the market. The produced bottle flake quality can be used even in sensitive industries such as the textile industry as 100% input material ( without any mixture)
Capacity of the machine: 900 to 1100 kg/h depending on the quality of the input material.


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